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Those pickles do look tasty! And pretty too, I will give those a ...more

Culinary New Year's Resolutions - More 2010 Trends & Christopher Ranch Still On Track

As 2009 nears its close, bracing to pass the baton to 2010, chefs and culinary experts alike are reflecting on 2009’s culinary influences and speculating about the impending year. California heirloom garlic, interestingly enough, is on par with the majority of emerging trends....more

It's Complicated: A Movie Garden Review

Rhonda Fleming Hayes The six of us sat around the table eating post-Christmas pasta discussing the movie we had just seen; who we wanted to end up with Meryl's character and what she should do with her life, and then my husband reminded us back to reality, "It's a movie". Yeah it's movie, but when you plop down in that plush seat there's an agreement; you will suspend disbelief for two hours or so, long enough at least to be told a story. And if it's good, the disbelief doesn't end at the door. ...more

Idea For An Untraditional Christmas Dinner

I was gonna write about the holiday season, but since this bronchitis from hell cold has taken over my life for the past week, I'm gonna write about last Christmas; food to be specific....more

Monday Dose of Market: Finally, I am a Farmer!

Lots of things made me smile at the Denver Indoor Farmers Market this weekend.  First were the tomatoes.  I’ve said goodbye to tomatoes several times over the last few weeks, thinking I’d seen my last fresh local tomato until next summer.  I never considered frozen tomatoes.  Berry Patch Farms picks ‘em when their the ripest and pops ‘em in the freezer. Brilliant. ...more

microwave tangerine marmalade

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Feeding Garlic To Cows Might Minimize Their Gas - And Greenhouse Emissions?

Well, I thought I'd heard it all when it comes to fresh garlic.  Scrumptious flavoring component, immune system booster, vampire obstacle, infection fighter, cancer combatant, bad breath creator, cholesterol reducer, etc. However, this one takes the cake - or the cud. ...more

Winter Garden

Garden Update 15 I would say this is the last last Garden 2009 update. I took out the two remaining pepper plants and the much-more-hardy than I had expected pansies. I'm so proud of them, they were beautiful right up until the freeze. I was beginning to think I wasn't going to have to replant in the spring. These were super pansies. A walk through gardens' memory lane. Sigh. They grow up so fast. They went in back in April and I took them out in December. I think that was a pretty good run. ...more