Allium cepa

Cooked or raw it’s no secret I love onions. My apologies to the person sitting next to me....more

Chinese Garlic Prices Quadruple Amid Swine Flu Fears, Speculation, Global Shortages

In a fortunate turnaround for domestic garlic growers, the price of Chinese garlic continues ebbing upward, reaching unprecedented levels and outperforming gold and stocks.  Indeed, wholesale garlic prices in Beijing have soared 15 times as high as March prices and, in certain parts of Shandong province, wholesale garlic prices have jumped 40-fold. Why the massive jolt? Several variables, including swine flu fears, speculation and a global shortage, are steering the price, many say. ...more

Sweet Potato vs. Yam. Blame it on Louisiana!

My brother is hosting Thanksgiving this year.  My younger, bachelor, I don’t have a roasting pan, brother.  We’ve all flown in from other locales.  A shopping list was sent ahead of time.   Upon arrival, we double checked for missing ingredients.  He nailed it, but was worried about one thing. “Your list said sweet potatoes, but all they had were yams.” And there it is.  The question that comes up every year but never gets answered.   Is there a difference between sweet potatoes and yams?  But there was no veggie blog last year.  This year, I knew I had to get to the bottom of it. ...more

Potty Pots

In September I made an appearance on E Entertainment's That Morning Show. I was demonstrating Potty Pots; upcycled toilet paper rolls into seed starting pots! This is a frugal living, eco/family friendly activity and a really great way to introduce gardening to children. Enjoy!  ...more – Off The Fence and Making A Difference

When deciding what to write about today, I opted to bring a human interest story to you, my wonderful readers. You know how I feel about all things WOMAN. I love discussing all the issues that women of all ages face, and this story touched me deep in my gut. I hope after reading about an incredible woman and her story, Terry Grahl and her organization Enchanted Makeovers, you will be just as inspired as I was. Her energy and passion literally jumped out of the phone, and I had to pass her story on to all of you. Enjoy!...more

Monday Dose of Market: Cornucopia of Local, Part 1

I gave myself a pep talk on the drive to Boulder.  When anticipating an event, rather than going in with low or high expectations, I try to go in with none whatsoever.  This way, rather than wallowing in disappointment or basking in glory, I can take in the event as it is in that moment. Well, that sounds good.  But really, I waffled between high and low expectations for the Cornucopia of Local Market sponsored by the  Boulder Farmers’ Market, Boulder Independent Bussiness Association, and the Boulder Outlook Hotel.  Low because it has snowed more than once this fall in Colorado which could severely curtail vegetable availability, and high, well, because it’s Boulder.   As I pulled into the parking lot of the Boulder Outlook Hotel after ignoring the directions my GPS gave me and taking a wrong turn,  my expectation meter hovered at low–until I saw the smiling faces of the market-goers carrying bags loaded for their Thanksgiving table....more

Taking The Road Less Traveled


Portly Porcini

Home improvement projects get me thinking about mushrooms.  Sitting in my new living room surrounded by boxes we haven’t unpacked so we can shove them and our furniture into our bedrooms while our living room floors are refinished this weekend, I’m reminded of Richard (pronounced “Reechad.”)  ...more

Forever Young - Garlic Is Among 8 "Stay-Young Foods"

Move over Botox and facelifts. Hello, grapefruit, almonds, avocados and garlic. Why pay for chemicals and surgery, when there are various healthful foods and beverages that can also help prevent aging, in addition to strengthening your health, increasing your energy and improving your mood? ...more

Monday Dose of Market: Snow in the Great State of Colorado

Eight inches of snow.  While perfect for my husband to lose himself in garage organization at the new house….not so good for Colorado vegetable exploration.   We did manage to get out to the home improvement store and squeeze in  a stop at a grocery store with the words “farmers’ market” in the name.  Camera in gloved hand, I was ready to snap some pictures of Colorado-grown produce, encouraged by the sign at the front of the store. ...more