Brussels Sprout Casserole

Easy, light flavorful side dish; Brussels spouts blanketed with a bechamel-like creamcheese sauce, and baked untill golden brown on top.

Greek Baked Chopped

KC The Kitchen ChopperMy neighbor and client is Greek. I picked his brain for sauce and grain ideas. Then I took a portion over to his house to get some feedback. Being a foodie and steak lover I wasn't sure what comments I'd get.  Happy to say I recived an overwhelming thumbs up and an empty plate in return!  He told me not to change the recipe at all. He did think it would be a great idea to pass extra Feta around for those who want more of that tangy flavor.  (Baking mellows the Feta).  Hence the Zing Factor at the very end of the recipe!...more

Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta

I love the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that can be found in the grocery store or at a farmer's market in the summertime. Everything just tastes sweeter and fresher than it does throughout the rest of the year. ...more

Thai Minced Pork With Holy Basil

Pad Gao-Prao Muu, or Thai minced pork with holy basil, is a uniquely Thai roadside dish commonly served with plain white rice and a sunny-side-up. What makes this dish unique is the holy basil – a variant of basil that cannot be found in any other supermarkets than Thai specialty stores. This renders the cooking of the dish a challenge; otherwise, it makes for a really lovely dish to prepare after a busy day at work....more

Grilled Stuffed Tomatoes

Asian Sesame Asparagus

How To Eat More Vegetables


Sesame Noodles with Fresh Vegetables

I'm sitting here starving because I'm too busy to get up and find something to eat... and here ...more

Let's Grow Something

Do you ever have this really cool idea in your head and you get all excited about making it happen? Yeah, that's me... all the time...but instead of getting to the actual follow through, the idea most often falls into the cracks. It's like the time I decided I wanted to become a painter. I bought the supplies- paint, brushes, canvas, all of which have been sitting under my bed for three years now. Canvas, half-painted. Or the time that I was convinced that I would learn to play the piano. The keyboard, also under my bed, has very little wear on it from these fingers of mine....more