Obesity & Diabetes - A Growing Epidemic That Fresh Garlic Can Help Fight

Like garlic, all sugars are not created equal.  At last week's joint hearing of California's Senate Select Committee on Obesity and Diabetes, "Exploring The Link Between Sugar-Sweetened Drinks & Obesity," we heard how different sugars in different forms can trigger varying levels of harm to the body. ...more

If a Garden Blog Falls in the Forest, Does Anybody Read It?

I know you're out there. I can see from the blog-o-meter that my numbers are growing slowly but steadily. Readers from far-flung places like Germany and Wetumpka, Alabama have been paying me a visit. What can I say but welcome Wetumpka! (Don't worry I can't see you.) Read the rest at http://www.thegardenbuzz.com...more

Beating the November Blues

It gets dark at 4:30PM, it’s dreary, it’s windy, it’s darn right depressing. In fact, on most days in November, curling into bed at 3PM for a nap just feels like the natural thing to do. Hibernation, I think it’s called!...more

Hi Diana,


Thanks for your comment! I didn't write GET ACTIVE, you're ...more

Monday Dose of Market: Two of Every Vegetable and Veggie Storage Tips

Well, I’ve been in Colorado all of three hours and haven’t had time to go exploring for vegetables.  So, for this week’s Monday Dose of Market, I thought I’d show you which vegetables I took with me on our move from Portland to Denver.  Yes, I took vegetables with me.  At least as many as I thought I could get away with until my husband started mumbling about how we were never going to fit all our stuff in the car.  (The veggies were too precious for the moving truck.)  ...more

Cristin (aka the veggie ignoramus)


Beef Stew People

I worked at the market yesterday, and I think that thirty hours la...more

Garden Cookies

Garden Cookies  Hi, I'm Diana and I am making more dog cookies! I was out and they kept dragging me back in! The bastards. ...more

Three Vegetables to Cozy Up to When the Weather Turns Cold

Research says that we cook the same 20 dishes again and again. Again and again. Again and again. (And again.) Sure, every six months, we drop one and replace it with another. Eating in rhythm with the seasons changes that. Each season, each month, there's something new to pique our curiosity and tickle our tastebuds, something that just last month wasn't available or wasn't at its freshest or had to travel from, alors, South America to reach your table. So, tis late fall. Tomatoes are two months gone and asparagus are five, maybe six, months away. What's special about what we cook in November? Here are three vegetables that will turn November into something special, something memorable. ...more

I don't know where this is from and I did add stock to my version which wasn't in the ...more

Salad Turnip and Vegetable Memories

Long  rows of mounded dirt with more vegetables growing in one place than I’d ever seen.  Hollow gourds hung from trees, birds poking their heads from a carved out hole.  A piece of a crisp, juicy, pearl white turnip freshly pulled from the ground, cut with a pocket knife, and given to me as a taste of what the garden had to offer.  I must have been six or seven, and I was on a  private tour of my Grandfather’s garden.  I’ve never forgotten the taste of that turnip, nor have I tasted it since. Until this week. ...more

Monday Dose of Market: On Guard!

A bucket of bright red crawfish caught my eye.  I used to chase these little guys in the brook at the end of the street where I grew up.  Didn't eat them until I got a lesson in an oyster bar in New Orleans.  ...more


Milk burfiIngredients:Evaporated milk - 1 tin or 1cup - thick milk powder milkButter 100grmsSugar powder 1 cupcocoapowder 2tbspMaida (all purpose flour) 2tbsps Method: 1.Take a thick pan and add all the above ingredients.2.Stir constantly on gentle heat till the mixture leaves the side of the pan (approximately15 to 20 minutes).3.Pour evenly into a buttered dish. Allow to cool and set,cut into squares or diamondshapes....more

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