If You Love Mojitos, You Need To Grow This Mint

 My favorite herb is actually a toss up between mint, basil and thyme but mint is hands up the one I use almost every day.  I love lemon in my water and when I throw in a few leaves of mint, then all’s well in my world. I love Mojito Mint and was so happy when I found it at the Tucson Farmers Market.  But, truth be told, is the name just a marketing ploy???...more

5 Foraging Tips

5 Foraging TipsForaging is searching for wild food. You can forage food from the woods, from the sea or anywhere where you can find wild food growing. Why would you forage when you can just go the grocery store? Foraged food is free! It’s also fun to go on an adventure looking for food while getting some fresh air and exercise. Before you forage, you should know some ground rules. Here are 5 foraging tips....more

Summer Rain

I sometimes forget how much I love summer rain, even the subdued kind, like the one right now, the kind that lasts for days. The light shifts to green from bouncing off lush wet foliage under a murky sky. There is harmony in the dance of raindrops tapping on the roof, life itself feels softer, more fluid, like its very essence dissolves in the rain.I walked around the garden for a bit, just to watch it delight in the abundance of water pouring from the sky. If the plants were overgrown before, they sure doubled in size now. The squashes took over the walkway again....more

Growing Your Own Food is Easy!

I am not a farmer. I don’t have a green thumb. The only color on my thumb is hot pink nail polish.See?But even I, the sometimes fussy glamour-puss, can grow food....more