5 tips for keeping the garden alive during a drought

 What? You garden doesn't look like this mid-January?...more

A GMO-Free Garden: Is It Possible?

Years ago, I got into perennial gardening with my tiny backyard. It was fun and rewarding, but after a few seasons under my belt, I started dreaming about bigger things like using my love of gardening to grow food. I started learning to grow my own vegetables when I moved to the suburbs and had more space. Besides being fun, it's the best path to food security and a crucial link in understanding the origins of what ends up on our plates....more

In the Garden

Mima loved to garden.  There were flowerbeds everywhere--at the road, next to the carport, around the tree, right in front of the front porch, by the back porch.  She did all her own gardening right up until she had her first stroke....more

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake Recipe

I recently was drooling over a Chocolate Carrot cake a Foodie Blogger shared and this recipe came to mind that I had used in years past. We’ve got plenty of puree pumpkin on hand so this is a must recipe for this time of year.Ingredients:...more

NaBloPoMo Day 10: Dirt Redux

I was hanging with some girlfriends for brunch on Sunday and they asked about the whole "writing" thing I've been up to lately. I think they might have been contemplating an intervention if they determined I'd been populating a belfry through my recent blog-a-thon.Yes, I am posting every day, I just never promised it would all be good. I also never promised it would all be writing....more

"If I could Save time in a bottle"

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About Those Giant Squashes

Yes, these. I told you about them yesterday and how they have reached out and strangled my whole garden like something out of Little Shop of Horrors....more

Project Green Thumbs Season 5, winter edition!

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DIY Fruitfly Trap -- It's Easy and It Works!

If you're lucky enough to have your kitchen counters full of the harvest from your summer garden, you probably also have fruitflies. We always have fruitflies this time of year and I really hate them....more