Cone Flowers and Lilies

    Cone Flowers (Echinaceas) are fragrant and drought proof, and both bees and butterflies love them.  Cone flowers are among my favorite perennials and I have several different kinds....more

Hello, Hydrangeas

First of the season.  Glad to see you....more
 @Denise  Sometimes a person needs a day brightener.  more

Damn Squirrel

Damn Squirrel ...more

What the Neighbors Notice . . .

A smalltown girl, I grew up just past the city limits and I was related to every one of my neighbors. (Yep.) My grandparents lived next door, my aunt lived on the next property over, and my great-aunt and uncle had a home in the woods behind our house. Oh, and my uncle lived just a five minute drive away. While there's no doubt that you could always run next door for a cup of sugar, the familial connections between all of my neighbors made me feel that I was missing out on the more typical neighborhoods described in books and sitcoms....more

Five Ways to Save Money on Your Garden

Every year my parents tell me that they want to set up a little garden in their backyard. Every year they worry about the cost of getting started, and then the weeds take over. When my mom brought up the gardening topic yet again, I decided to search for ways that budding gardeners can save some green while planting green....more
I saw a neat idea the other day.  You take rain gutters and cap the ends and hang them on your ...more

Squirrelled Herbs

Squirrels are so sweet, aren't they? With their fluffy tails and tiny paws and cute cheeks? The way they chase each other up and down the telephone poles and across the fencetops? Their adorable nibbling action? Yeah, that's what I thought too. Until they took over my herb garden. ...more

The Orange Building

The Orange Building is back.  Wait, I think the last one was The Green Building, but they accomplish the same thing.  They let the many workmen have a place to go that is not in a corner of my backyard! ...more

Windowsill Herb Garden

Just a couple of weeks left until my wee windowsill herb garden is transferred outdoors! I've been working hard to tidy up and make room for them all in the backyard, but in the meantime I thought I'd post a couple of updated indoor photos to let you in on their progress to date. As always, clicking on each photo will take you to the larger version on Flickr. Sage ...more
 @@BehavioralChild Awww... come on over for some scrambled eggs with chives! :)more

May is for Gardeners

  Yes, you can grow lettuces, chard, tomatoes, and herbs in pots.  I do and I get good results.  Every spring I fill my pots with fresh soil and place them in an area that gets full sun.  My reason for growing in pots is mainly due to a mostly shady backyard. Buttercrunch lettuce in a pot ...more

Plant lettuce all the time.

Toward the end of March we had such mild weather and good rain, so I tilled up an eight foot section of my garden and planted a mix of lettuce and spinach seed. Now, in the early part of May I am harvesting a super variety of red and green lettuces, plus some baby spinach. ...more