Oh! The things I'll grow! The display I'll create!

I wanted to show a few pictures of my new clay pots, it's all planned out in my head, what I'm going to do.....early winter is just setting in and it's gray and yucko out there, but I have these wonderful visions of plants-blooms, textures and different levels in my front flower bed area that is between my house and my sidewalk. I bought nine pots the other day of different sizes and patterns.....super affordable, like about an average of $8 plus apiece......Take a look:...more

A Sad Day for Our Winter Garden

I've been waiting to post a garden update. I planned to take a picture this weekend and write about all the zucchini we harvested last week. Our tomato plant is just covered in blossoms and little green tomatoes. The colors in our rainbow chard are becoming brighter as it gets bigger, our broccoli plants are going strong....more
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Two From Timber Press: Book Review

I'm writing two reviews for the price of one today because the second follows on naturally from the first, even though they're by different authors....more

Desert Rose Apocynaceae




Fall Garden Update


Nine Days Later

http://thepoetinyou.typepad.com/the_poet_in_you/For the sake of good blogging, I keep you apprised during this month of slow germination and  NaNoWriMo. It took a little while before things started to stir in the three beds that I planted....more

What To Expect

http://thepoetinyou.typepad.com/the_poet_in_you/I can hardly wait for seeds to sprout and transplants to mature. Here's alist of what I've planted. Bed One:...more

Potting Amaryllis....in The Perfect Clay Pots

It's Thursday night and I have some garden-y things I want to do this weekend. I bought Amaryllis Bulbs today. I had to run to town to do a couple of errands anyway, and while I was there, I decided to purchase some I had my eye on at the local Walmart super center. I bought a beautiful crimson and a bicolored pink one.....*sigh* I love having something that will bloom around Christmas. The pink one is the lovely variety Aphrodite, and the red one is Gran Cru.....I can't wait and don't know that I won't get one or two more....more

This Time When I Got Clean The Bruises Went Away.

Admit it.  For a split second you probably thought I was going to reveal something about my personal life here.  Maybe I would reveal something about my sordid past.  Something to make me sound more human, more vulnerable (yet with my jaw set looking into the horizon of my future).Nope!...more
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