My Garden, Myself, a late Bloomer in Progress

I want to show you proof that I'll have tomatoes in South Missouri until Thanksgiving. Well, nearly. If you pick them right before it frosts and you put them on your counter most of them will ripen nicely giving you tomatoes with that garden flavor weeks after everyone else is buying those hard little tasteless gourd like things from the Walmart supercenter....:) ...more
Beautiful! I would love to make fresh pasta sauce with them! They look delicious :)more

An Evening With Bob Brown Part II

Contemporary Colour in the Garden: Book Review

I've quite a few books left in the booklog for this year, so I expect to be writing quite a few reviews over the next few weeks as I make my way through them all....more

Thanksgiving Tomatoes.

It's curious. Why are salad greens and tomatoes irrevocably paired? In most zones, these garden staples don't grow during the same season—unless aided by a greenhouse. Who decided that diced tomatoes belonged on iceberg lettuce?...more

1/30: Some kind of plan

I turn 30 this month. *Gasp* Mind you, I'm still not convinced I'll ever change my age from 28 on my About Me page. Anyway, since the month rather neatly has 30 days, I thought I'd post every day for my birthday month. ...more

Looking Back at the Summer Harvest

It's that time of year where I need to say good by to the summer vegetables. The majority of summer plants peaked a while a go but a few are still hanging around. The majority of them are an overgrown mess. I'm going to have to show some tough love and rip them out.This year I had a pretty good haul of vegetables. Of course a few varieties did better than others. Here is a run down of the summer winners and losers Read more at

A Fall Visit to the Greenhouse

    I love going to my local greenhouse where there is always a large variety of perennials, annuals, and seasonal decorations for the garden.  The fall season is especially colorful .  I couldn't resist these beautiful mums....more
Clever idea, Angie. Heating a greenhouse can be very expensive and sunlight does wonders. Your ...more

Green Thumb?

When A and I were looking for a house, we were generally in agreement on the majority of the details we hoped it would possess, but none more than this: we didn’t want a big yard.I mean, really. It’s so much work. Who wants to be shackled to their home every weekend, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, and pruning the bushes?...more
@victorias_view Thanks! Either it'll be lots of salad for us...or for the snails. SOMEONE (or ...more

Pioneer Family: Childhood in the Land That Time Forgot

I never understood how strange, by many standards, my up-bringing was until a few years ago. In trying to give a brief description of my youth to a new friend, I began to see the stark oddness of my experiences.My family had a nice, modest home in a suburban neighborhood in a university town. Nothing out-of-the ordinary. My parents were both children of the Great Depression, so they were proud to be able to purchase a single-family home after being married for 15 years....more
Those water bladders are a good idea-- I see boaters around here using them. Nothing like a ...more

Growing Your Own Garlic

In gardening, every plant has its prime sowing and harvesting season. Many things overlap or happen all at once, but there is a steadiness and rhythm too. Late spring and early summer brings something new to pick almost every week. By late summer, the pace quickens to daily harvesting and preserving. And by the time the garden is finished in early fall, it is time to begin thinking about planting garlic. I love that garlic gets to be planted separate from the spring rush, affording a little extra attention to be lavished....more
Yes, nothing beats home grown food - especially garlic!more