easy peasy

By now you must surely know that "left-overs" are actually opportunities in my kitchen. Remember that asparagus? Well, after eating several batches pretty much out-of-hand I was wondering what I could do with the little bit that was left over. Then suddenly I needed a fast dinner solution for two, and this was it....more


   Saturday, July 16, 2011...more

Victory Gardens: Now a Misdemeanor

When it comes to landscaping it may seem what's good enough for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should be good enough for the working class neighborhoods of America, but Oak Park, a Detroit-area community in Michigan, disagrees.Students from local schools help Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, and First Lady Michelle Obama, plant the 2011 White House Kitchen Garden. ...more

How Do I Love Thee, Lavender? Let Me Count The Ways...

    I love lavender. I love using the color lavender ...more

The Suck and Sealer

There are few kitchen appliance that I love more than my Food Saver, affectionately know as the Suck and Sealer (S&S).  I love to cook and I make dinner for my family, on average, six days a week.  So, kitchen toys are a necessity…and just plain fun....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

friends with benefits

Now listen, I don't choose my friends by what I can get out of the relationship, really I don't! But, this year my fig tree failed me (or maybe I failed it, given the drought) so when my friend called a few days ago and said her tree was giving her more figs than she could manage to harvest, and would I like some, well... you know where this is going already, right?I went over and picked the next morning and came home with more figs than I could safely eat before they went bad. In casting about for a different use for figs, I came across this... ...more

I can haz a pod of beans plz!

A pod of red bean. At least it's supposed to grow as red bean. I'm quite pleased that it's growing to bear fruit - especially since my kabocha plants has been killed time and time again by bugs....more


   Tuesday, July 5, 2011...more

It's all fun and games until you get hit in the head with a butterfly...

It started out as a normal day mowing. For about 5 minutes. What the hell is with me and killing small flying things this week? I hit a bird on the way to Victoria when we went. I killed it dead. I was sad, it didn't deserve to die, especially from the grill of my Dodge. I don't think I killed the butterfly with my forehead, but we were both a little bit wobbly after the hit. And then... A while later, when I was push mowing the boulevard (which was about 200 feet from the initial wipe out)... I found this... ...more

Kid Friendly Urban Garden Art Project: Concrete Leaves

Recently, a retired gentleman from Del Mar, California named Len Schoenfeld shared with me a cool urban garden art project. I was looking for something that I could make with my kids that was modern-looking and able to handle the downtown location of my gardens and two Siberian Huskies....more