Look at my garden grow!

  So this week has been good for most of my plants.  When I say most, I mean the edible ones. ...more

The Easy Way To Becoming An Organic, Chemical-Free Gardener

We're all pretty familiar, by now, with the idea that wasting water and using chemical fertilizers and pesticides is bad. Every year, thousand of chemicals are poured into the environment and millions of gallons of water are needlessly wasted. Sure, most of this is done by large agricultural producers, but some of it is still done in personal gardens, perhaps in yours! So what if you'd rather not garden with chemicals and participate in wasteful practices? Sounds like a lot of trouble, right?...more

Working at my family's plant nursey we did well in the spring selling contaiers of ladybugs, but ...more

A Bug's Life

My life has been reduced down to the level of a bug.Bugs.  Lately, it seems to be the topic of every conversation we have.  What types of bugs do have?  What harm are they causing?  How to eradicate them?...more

It's Not So Impossible

Currently Sitting: at Panera BreadCurrently Listening: Sufjan Stevens, "Impossible Soul" (from Age of Adz)Currently Seeing: Brianne sitting across the tableCurrently Smelling: My whole grain bagel6 Days: Bon Iver's newest album release9 Days: 21st birthday...more

Fava Greens and Fava Beans

Sometimes I feel so incredibly small. Swallowed by the sea of information I attempt to swim in each day. The internet does that to me sometimes. Makes me feel even tinier in scope of the big picture....more

Jeanine, you're like me when it comes to having many interests. I can't do everything I'd like ...more

E-Cards: Father's Day and More: Free

  Father's Day Cards and More Original cards for free, providing you keep my name intact and don't attempt to sell them. If you like these, check my other blog for other freebies.     ...more

almost fishing

almost fishing There was once a fisherman on the beach of Mexico. He was hanging out by his boat, docked on the beach when an American businessman on vacation came and sat by him. The businessman asked the fisherman what he did, he said he fished. "Is that your boat over there?" asked the businessman. "Yep," responded the fisherman. ...more

A Passion for Hostas

  More on hostas.  Of course I love them.  I can't grow enough of them.  Miniatures, mid-size, big ones.  Blue ones, chartreuse, white borders, yellow borders, varigated, cupped leaves.  I love them all.  My two biggest problems with growing hostas are that slugs like them too.  They pretty much leave the big ones alone, but they love the small, tender ones.  Early in the spring, as soon as the first leaves begin to unfurl, I see tiny pin-holes and know that the slugs have visited.  I sprinkle slug pellets on the ground,...more

Georgeous,I'm addicted to growing them. I want to give them the best soil, the best weather, ...more

The attack of well...everything.

I have had a day. First off, all day at work...I couldn't wait for the game. People were weird, and grumpy and sometimes rude. I can handle it there is a game tonight... All good. The Game. Was. Brutal. We lost 8 to 1. I am not even messing with you here. We took the first two games, playing like the team we have been all year. Tonight. We were someone else. That sucked. Hard. Hopefully that teaches them a lesson and they play the next game like their lives are depending on it, because it kinda does. ...more

Summer Heat, Sweat, and Flowers

Summer time, and the livin' is sweaty!  The humidity and heat have already begun their torturous cycle here in the south.  In spite of them both, I still love getting out and puttering in my flower beds.  This morning was devoted to watering and putting out mulch.  I'm still not finished with the mulch, but the heat forced me inside to get water and cool off for a bit.  Late this evening, the mulch will beckon me again.  And I'll gladly go.  There is something about digging and playing in the dirt that is therapeutic and soothing to the soul in spite of th...more