wherefore art thou, romesco?

My local  Central Market just finished celebrating two weeks of everything Spanish. We had flamenco dancers and great music in the cafe; we sampled bits of cheeses and sips of wines, tiny tastes of chocolate and bacalao, and I discovered romesco sauce.I can only say that I am sorry to be so late to this party......more

It is now the “Bistro Garden”

Last weekend my husband and I noticed that our 10-year-old bistro set was quite rusty.  It was time to upgrade. We could have replaced it with a traditional patio table and chairs but here’s the deal. Dave and I use our deck for cocktails after work or, on the weekend, after a workout.  When we dine on the deck, it’s usually just the two of us. So we decided to go with a bistro table and chair set again.  I love the set but you know what I love more?...more

Hostas For the Shady Spots

  My backyard has big trees and lots of shade.  I started years ago, carrying buckets of dirt from the woods and using it to amend my sandy soil.  Over time, I've have added peat moss and dehydrated cow manure so now I have the humusy soil my shade plants, hostas in particular, require.  Oh sure, many hostas will grow in the sun and in regular soil.  I know that, but I've had to work with sandy soil and shade! I no long buy hostas, but divide those I already have.  I still browse the hosta sections of my local greenhouse, however. ...more

Thanks, Gorgeous. As you can see, I love hostas too. Some hostas, you'll find out, grow ...more

The Peonies Are In Bloom

I spent six weeks one summer in Grand Rapids, Michigan....more

Thank you for the kind words! :)more

Not a Magical Garden

The sun's been out, but it's been a sad week. We will not be expecting a magical garden this year. ...more

Gardening Re-inspires Old Creativity

I am not a gardener. Somehow, that particular skill was not passed along in my family. The only gardening activity I remember was my sisters and me sitting on the front lawn with our parents on hot summer evenings, pulling weeds, with the promise of a trip to 31 Flavors keeping us motivated. Later, as teenagers, we sometimes shoved the old push mower around that same lawn, but that was about it....more

They are beautiful!!! Good luck with the gardening!!more

Gardening Fashionably or fashionably Gardening?

Let me start this off by talking about the biggest green thumb I know, my grandma. That woman could grow a bird of paradise in the middle of winter. She has the biggest plants and had the biggest garden I had ever seen. Growing up we would go visit her and she would have beans, pumpkins, watermellons, and all sorts of other veggies. She never really bought any produce, she grew it herself. When she grew up in Missouri, she had to learn how to be the gardner and she knows how to solve any gardening problem....more

i still haven't found what i'm looking for...

Apologies and thanks to U2; it was too easy. One of the neat bits of information that WordPress offers on the "stats" page for my blog is a section showing recent "Top Searches". This  shows what were folks actually looking for on WordPress when they were directed to andthenmakesoup. I thought that this week it might be nice and possibly helpful to respond to a few of these queries which have never actually been addressed by this blog....more

It's Time to Plant Lemon Verbena in Your Garden

While tarragon, lovage and lavender are major players in our huge herb garden (along with the ‘usual’ basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme), this summer we’ve cornered the local market on lemon verbena. [/caption] ...more

Turn Egg Shells into Mini Herb 'Eggling' Gardens

Whoa, finally.  Spring has sprung. For short-summered gardeners like me, it is particularly important to get started early.  My gardening team and I start many tender annuals indoors.  We avoid purchasing seedling trays or pots and try to start most seeds in biodegradable handmade pots.  Cardboard tubes, newspapers, grapefruit halves are great options—we use eggshells....more

Absolutely love it. I have been using toilet tissue rolls to start my seeds in but they always ...more