Consider This: Ferns

Too much time has gone by without a post-- these new working hours do not leave much time for me to formulate a decent blog post!...more

How I Trained My Hoya

To put it plain and simple: I love my Hoyas.  The Hoya carnosa variegata growing up the umbrella on the patio next to my office was in need of more soil in its pot and was a bit bleached out because getting too much sun.  Shame on me, time to take action!...more

Spider Plants: Easy Care & Durable As Can Be

 Spider Plants are the unruly wild child of the houseplant world....more

Ringing in the New Year with Indoor Projects

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope your holiday season was wonderful! As always, it's over as fast it comes. It was a whirlwind December at work, (as usual--always choatic at the end of the year), and with pretty much the first half of the year supposedly just as crazy, I thought I would concentrate on some small indoor projects that hopefully keep my sanity in check!Christmas in our household was wonderful. My daughter got everything on her list from Santa. The only thing we didn't get was snow....more

How to Protect Your Young Plants From an Unexpected Frost

Planting a Fall vegetable garden is always a gamble. You never know when the first frost is going to come, how many weeks of good weather we’ll have, or if a freak snow storm is going to wipe everything out.For those first early nights of frost, when there’s still weeks of good weather ahead, there are things you can do to ensure your Fall vegetable garden survives:...more

How to Save Your Tomato Seeds For Next Year's Garden

Your tomato plants have given you an entire summer of produce. However, the leaves are starting to brown, you're not getting any more blossoms, and the days are getting shorter. As you're wrapping up your last canning jars of spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce, it's a good time to start planning for next year's garden....more

Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

*This blog post was written without any affiliation with any brands listed. It is simply a gift giving guide if you’re looking for a gift for a gardening lover....more

Green tomatoes

It’s nearly December and I’ve just divested my tomato plants of their final fruits. This is indicative of so many things: stupidly warm California weather, lazy gardening, and late fall garden planting, to name a few.Now I’ve got give pounds of mostly green tomatoes to deal with. I’m considering pickling or roasting. Any recipe suggestions?...more

A Personal Assistant? Perish The Thought

A personal assistant would require delegating.  I don’t delegate well. Sometimes I organize as I go and not many people understand my system. Take my husband for example. When he tries to help me load the conveyor belt at the grocery store, he’s either in sync with me or he’s not. And he’s learned to back off if I’m on a roll. I like my grocery bags packed just so....more

Harvesting and Preserving Herbs

Harvesting and Preserving Herbs There are a few different ways to harvest herbs depending on how they grow. My main goal when harvesting herbs is to encourage and maintain more bush-like growth as opposed to tree-like growth....more