Preparing Women and Families for the Post-Economic Collapse

Women of the world are waking up to protect themselves and their famlies. What's happening in Greece and Europe is coming to America. The global economy is collapsing fast, no matter how much propaganda they can pump into the controlled media that things are getting better. Make no doubt about it, the winds of change are here and things will never be the same....more

Weather and Work

Beth Lawrence Viva La Voice "Inspiring The Artist In Everyone!" I'm afraid I 'resist' gloomy, rainy days like today.  Instead of accepting the weather, and staying inside to work, I'm distracted and yearning for the warm, Spring sun.  Then again, sunny days make me want to be outside enjoying the weather - maybe I should be a gardener instead of a writer!...more

Gardening Aprons

Just designed and sewed my new line of GARDENING APRONS with 3 large pleated pockets in the front, wide straps and H back over the shoulder for comfort, in gardening colors....(rainbow) with flowers and such!! what fun  Also used same design for Carpenters Apron...That's what the men need!!   God Bless all...Lynn God bless your day!! Lynn Kelly of Lynn's Designer Aprons Now on You Tube!!

Just in Time for Earth Day: Building Our First Aquaponics System

Last weekend I had another one of those wild ideas that suddenly just manifests in your brain when you look at something. A little light goes off and you wonder why that thought never crossed your mind before. We get a lot of those around here. Pure moments of genius. Well, in our world anyway.  And we always share them with one another in an almost apprehensive way; knowing what we're about to say could sound totally insane when it's out of our mouths. It's always prefaced with one of us stating, "So I had this crazy idea..." ...more

Nice one! For days like this, we really need to be creative and resourceful as well. ...more

Making a sunflower playhouse or a bean/pea teepee

See full post here:

re-purpose a milk or OJ container into a planter for Earth Day

In theme with Earth Day today I thought I would share this fun activity that turns into a child's master piece that any teacher, grandmother etc will enjoy getting.  I just bought a six pack of flowers at Tom Leonard's for 1.79.  Talk about a great present that is inexpensive but very personal....more

Dirt Under My Fingernails

  "You shouldn't plant until after Mother's Day."...more

Gardening With My Son: Will This Finally Give Me a Green Thumb?

It is amusing that I am writing about gardening, because I don't have a green thumb. Just about every plant or flower that has graced my humble abode has met its demise because of my lack of horticultural acumen. Despite my poor track record, I am not going to keep my son from enjoying the marvels of watching the cycle of life. I recall planting a lilac bush outside my front door, and it was beautiful. It required little to no maintenance, and it when it flowered annually the scent was marvelous. Unfortunately, an over-ambitious person cutting our grass over pruned my pretty bush, and that was the end of that. ...more

We are starting a garden with our 4 boys (quads) as well this spring. It's been a joy showing ...more

For the Love of Nature


Spring Gardening

suburbangrandma.comSpring is officially we enjoyed 88 degrees during a beautiful sunny day...yeah! I wish I could have stayed home and got some gardening done.I love gardening in my spare time and on weekends.  I enjoy planting vegetables, herbs and flowers.  I also have started a strawberry patch, planted several raspberry bushes and a couple of blueberry bushes. ...more