Project Green Thumbs Season 5, winter edition!

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DIY Fruitfly Trap -- It's Easy and It Works!

If you're lucky enough to have your kitchen counters full of the harvest from your summer garden, you probably also have fruitflies. We always have fruitflies this time of year and I really hate them....more

Green Bean Growing Newbie

I have a confession to make .... this is the first year I've ever grown green beans. I know, I know -- how can I call myself a gardener having never grown what is quite possibly the easiest vegetable to grow? ...more

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

A lot of people want to have their own garden for the simple reason that a garden can be a wonderful place for relaxing as well as entertaining a few friends. What if you only have limited space in which to build a garden? How can you make it look larger and become the perfect place for entertaining and relaxing? Here are a few tips: 1.       Give your garden a circular shape....more

Finally Laughing at Ourselves!

I just laughed out loud, by myself, for the first years! It was fabulous! I feel so much better about life, myself, and basically most everything else. I’m not even high!...more

DIY Garden Trellis

While shopping for trellises I noticed even simple ones costed $25 or more, so I decided to make one myself using affordable strapping wood. This project is very easy and affordable, and only takes an hour to make not including the time the glue needs to dry....more
It looks great!more

Why Babies are like Gardens

Before you become pregnant you pretty much take the baby's nine-month gestation period for granted. It's a system that works - right? Then you become pregnant and you start reading up on things and you learn out about spina bifida, cleft palates, heart defects, anencephaly, fused limbs, and progeria and you realize that with all that's got to go exactly right in those nine months it's a miracle any baby is ever born healthy at all....more

Prize-Winner Sized Star Gazer Lily

A few years ago I noticed that my neighbor's lilies were growing six feet tall. I really am not kidding. Her's were all planted out back, and they were beautiful paper white. I have all my lilies planted out front and they get oh... maybe 2 feet tall, if that. They are crowded in there, and it's pretty sunny in the front garden. Outback, it is pretty shady. That's where all the mature trees hula dance in the wind....more
@Denise my whole house stinks. i mean smells good. ;)more

Espaliered Apricots

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite: ...more