Springtime is upon us in Texas, but it probably won't last long. Yesterday, it reached 80 degrees. Next week, it'll probably be summer with highs near (or over) 100 with 100% humidity. Okay, yes, I'm exaggerating. It'll probably be the week after next.Easter weekend will probably bring us an ice storm, but whatever. Let me enjoy this while it's here, okay?I was out basking in the warmth and soaking up some much needed serotonin. I weeded a large flower container, planted some wildflowers, lavender, chives, and basil....more

Farm-ily Planning

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

I Want That.

I don't consider myself religious. Having been raised Church of Christ, then becoming Catholic after getting married, I feel I've done all I can to follow the rules of organized religion.I can't say I lost my faith in God. I just somehow lost faith in not just organized religion, but more importanly, in myself, many times, to the point of assuming that every decision I made - large or small - would of course, be the wrong one. ...more

Creative Yankee turned Country

I was until the age of 13 a very rockin Yankee who did not care one flip about the south of being a part of it when my mother very firmly announced we were moving to the smallest town in tennessee , I was sure death would shortly follow. Little did I know this was all part of God's masterplan for me....more

Dark Eyes Full of Mystery

What made you first fall in love with gardening?  Was it the first bite of a real tomato? Or the early morning peace of walking in the garden before the rest of the world had its first cup of coffee?  For me as an eleven year old girl it was discovering a California Slender Salamander in the vegetable garden.Todays theme was about first loves....here's my story!http://gardeningforcommunity.blogspot.com/2013/02/dark-eyes-full-of-myst......more

Gingerbread Whoopie Pies

With cookie party season upon us I'm having a great time sharing some of our family favorites on my blog site. This Whoopie Pie recipe will give you a sugar rush while filling your home with the scent of gingerbread. What's not to love about that?! ...more

Growing (and Using!) Your Own Herbs

Gardeners are gamblers. Every year we scatter seeds, stock up on seedlings, amend our soil, water faithfully, cross our green thumbs, close our eyes, and pray for something out there to survive -— all the while knowing that Mother Nature has totally stacked the cards against us. Why? Because we've tasted that delicious homegrown payout, and we crave more. And besides, even if we lose everything this year, we know there's always a chance we can win it all back, and then some, next season....more
So jealous of all the space you have.  I have to cram my veggies and herbs into pots.  But I'm ...more

The Last Jar of Grape Jam

This week I finished the last jar of grape jam. Let me explain why that is significant. Before moving to Connecticut, I lived in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. When I bought my house there, it came with a broken down, overgrown grape arbor....more
This was so much fun to read. We are beginner gardeners and have started canning. Last year we ...more

Does Your Child Think Their Food Comes From The Store?

Do you garden with your kids?more