What is a Cold Frame?

Never heard of a cold frame? Well today’s the day to learn something new about growing food. For the proper definition of a cold frame, here goes: A cold frame is a box, with no bottom, and a translucent top. It is put on top of plants outdoors to keep reflect the sun and keep them warm – extending the growing season into the colder months.As for the not-so-proper definition: cold frames are awesome! They pretty much mean you can grow food during the cool months that take over our year, here in South Eastern Ontario....more

Pittsburg Beautiful Yard Of The Month

It was a both a shock and an honor last month to be awarded the Pittsburg Beautiful Yard of the month.View Post...more

13 things my spring gardener self needs to know

 As the summer gardening season fades away, I've got a bone to pick with myself for the choices I made earlier in the spring....more
Try growing some herbs with your veggies.  They attract beneficial insects that will pollinate ...more

Closing Down the Garden

Closing Down the GardenWe are stardust, we are golden and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.  ~Joni Mitchell...more

90 Days on the Homestead

This week we celebrate 90 days on our little miracle farm. (Click here to read about our miracle.) It has been the craziest summer I've had in memory! We've celebrated some wonderful moments and wept over more than a few. Through it all we have been wrapped in the love of those around us and I'm pretty sure that, at least once every single day, either Handsome Hippie Hubby or I have sighed and said, "I really love living here!"...more

Haphazard Gardening: How Not to Grow Vegetables

Behold: our beautiful vegetable garden.Things are actually alive in there. No thanks to us, I might add. We may have planted things in the ground but we certainly haven’t helped them grow....more
Susanf Thanks, Susan! I totally get what you mean. I'm hoping that next year we will actually ...more

How To Grow Your Own Pink Mushrooms

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordLook at these bad boys!!My darling brother bought me the best present ever. A grow-your-own, pink oyster mushroom kit. For a few years now I have been experiencing the joy of collecting wild mushrooms, much of which is documented on this blog, but growing has not been a part of that hobby. It is now!...more

Homemade Pesto Recipe

Pesto is one of the simplest sauces to make, and all you really need is five ingredients—garlic, nuts, Parmesan, olive oil and the star of the show, basil. I started growing my own basil in the backyard because it’s easy, and I love using it in a variety of recipes. One might think that it’s only good on pasta. Simply not true. Here are other ways to use pesto: Spread it on crackers or bread Swirl it into Greek yogurt or cottage cheese Drizzle it on eggs, pizza or sliced tomatoes ...more

Stone Walls and Flowers

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.   Marcus Tullius CiceroThe earth laughs in flowers.  Ralph Waldo EmersonFlowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts. Sigmund Freud...more

You Should See the Other Guy

I swear - 6 foot 5 or so, and laid my husband out on the ground groaning in pain.It's not what you think. He's fine. A little sheepish about being laid out on the ground by the situation, but fine.It started as a normal day. Admittedly, we were stressed because there was enough water dripping in the garage to have made a mess of the ceiling and so someone was coming to take a look at that, but all in all, it was a normal day....more