The Last Jar of Grape Jam

This week I finished the last jar of grape jam. Let me explain why that is significant. Before moving to Connecticut, I lived in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. When I bought my house there, it came with a broken down, overgrown grape arbor....more
This was so much fun to read. We are beginner gardeners and have started canning. Last year we ...more

Does Your Child Think Their Food Comes From The Store?

Do you garden with your kids?more

Composting Results, Summer of 2012

I started this years compost in May and was finally able to use the compost this past week. So it took a little less than 4 months, which isn't bad. I'm thinking that I'm going to continue composting throughout the cooler & then colder weather. It will take longer to decompose but I feel a little guilty when I toss scraps into the garbage, just because it's December.Okay, on to the good stuff....more

Sweet relief

 The past couple of cool evenings have been such a relief from the humidity of the past month, but it’s still hot in my kitchen.  I’ve made biscuits, dill pickles and pesto today, and I’ve got shuckbeans drying in the oven. Hubby and I planted broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and lettuce this afternoon too, so I’m ready for a break and a meteor shower.  I think a cup of hot tea would be good with that.Good Saturday night all! ...more

Fam Friday - Punkins

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmI planted something new-to-me this year.Pumpkins.I have this stone wall that I usually plant annuals by, but then I don't keep up with the weeding and it looks like an embarassing jungle.So I thought, pumpkins grow all rambly and viney, so if I plant them by the stone wall, it'll still look like a jungle, but like it's supposed to be a jungle.There is a difference....more

In praise of fresh herbs, and taking risks

Now that my herb garden is growing successfully, we have started to incorporate some of the fresh herbs into our daily meals. We snip a few chives into our omelets, tear up some basil leaves and scatter them over our pizza before baking, add fresh oregano to our pasta sauces, and toss parsley and sweet basil in with our salad greens. ...more

Cone Flowers and Lilies

    Cone Flowers (Echinaceas) are fragrant and drought proof, and both bees and butterflies love them.  Cone flowers are among my favorite perennials and I have several different kinds....more

Hello, Hydrangeas

First of the season.  Glad to see you....more
 @Denise  Sometimes a person needs a day brightener.  more

Damn Squirrel

Damn Squirrel ...more

What the Neighbors Notice . . .

A smalltown girl, I grew up just past the city limits and I was related to every one of my neighbors. (Yep.) My grandparents lived next door, my aunt lived on the next property over, and my great-aunt and uncle had a home in the woods behind our house. Oh, and my uncle lived just a five minute drive away. While there's no doubt that you could always run next door for a cup of sugar, the familial connections between all of my neighbors made me feel that I was missing out on the more typical neighborhoods described in books and sitcoms....more