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We May Prefer to Live Alone, But is it Affordable?

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, Single living is the wave of the present. To put that in perspective, census data shows that in Alexandria, Va (my current city) and Washington, DC (the nearby city I'd like to move to), half of all households are made up of just one person. HALF. ...more

For me living along was worth the added expense, even though it sometimes meant living a ...more

It swivels. It comforts. It rocks!

I just bought a recliner.  For myself.  Oh yes I did.  Me - the woman who once threatened a man with dire consequences if he so much as browsed in the recliner department. I believed then (and maybe it’s true) that the combination of a recliner and a TV remote spelled the death of a relationship. Only now I don’t care because I have a big crush on this chair....more

Frugal isn't always cheap...

And cheap isn’t always frugal. According to the dictionary, cheap means costing very little , inexpensive,  or of small value. It can also mean poorly made or shoddy. Frugal on the other hand, means economical in use or expenditure, not wasteful, though, it can also mean meager or scanty....more

Monday Dose of Market: Weird Fall Vegetables

Here I thought vegetables would start to get boring with shorter days and cold weather.  Nope.  Totally wrong.   Don't ask me what to do with any of these because I have no idea, though a few of them I have noticed in the fall recipe section of Ivy Manning's Farm to Table Cookbook.  I'll  do some perusing this week, then see if any of them come back  to market next week.  Market visited this week = Portland Saturday Market at Portland State University. Exhibit A: Romanesco...more

Enough Halloween Spirit for Everybody

Grammy and Papa drove over two rivers and through the woods to be at our house every Halloween that I can remember growing up. We would gather for a somewhat fancy family dinner, my sister and I keeping our eyes on the clock throughout the meal, not wanting to be a minute late for trick-or-treating. For one of those suppers, my mother took an adventurous culinary left turn, serving a meatloaf that featured a bright orange carrot mash rolled up into its center a la an autumnal buche de noel....more

Should Woman follow this week report from Experts that Issued a call to Reconsider #Screening

Breast Cancer Patients without Health Insurance often have to rely on Cancer Trials. At Hybrid Medical eBilling Business Intelligence showNewly Diagnosed Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients getting Taxanes treatment did 8% better than Breast Cancer Patients receiving Anthracyclines for their treatment. 15 percent of Black Females who get cancer to 7 percent of white Females who get cancer are face with having to have clinical trials because their cancer are diagnosed inthe Metastatic Stage....more


October 16, 2009...more

Going Wicked Local

I've mentioned the value of eating local, and it doesn't get any more local than your own garden, or in my case the window sill. I planted some herbs a few weeks ago. Basil, parsley, thyme and rosemary. I did a little research and found that these plants would work well in a window sill, plus they smell amazing....more