Sukkot -- a week to be happy when the sky shows through your roof

Five days after the most serious day on the Jewish calendar -- Yom Kippur -- here are the seven days of joy called Sukkot (also referred to as Succos). Sukkot begins on Friday, October 2nd at sunset. This is a celebrative harvest festival that involves the construction of fragile, decorated huts, called sukkah, or booths. While the huts may be made of a variety of materials, it is required that the sky be visible through the roof of the sukkah. ...more

I'm glad you liked hearing about Sukkot. The more we all learn about each other's spiritual ...more

Saying no to deforestation beef, no-impact DIY projects, and is plastic making us fat?

Each week, we're sharing our favorite links from our friends at Planet Green and TreeHugger. Enjoy! Want a greener tailgate party? Here's how not to throw one. All I wanna do is to vroom vroom: Jacob Gordon test drives the Mercedes Benz S 400 Hybrid. ...more

Win a $50 gift card to AJWright!

A couple years ago I wrote this post: I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but somewhere within the last six years I’ve made a transition from wanting brand new things directly from the department store, to enjoying the search for something used at a second hand store. It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt, and when I find a pair of designer jeans that slip on like they were made for me, then look at the price tag and see that it’s a fraction of what they’d cost on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, I can’t help but do a silent cheer. ...more

Organize for an Emergency: 5 Tips To Get Your Home Insurance Buttoned Up!

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore Homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance is a necessity; it covers you for unexpected occurrences ranging from robberies to fires. ...more

DIY Bean Bag Chair

Kids and adults love to sink into cozy bean bag chairs. My favorites are the ones with interesting fabrics. Now you can create your own comfy place to read a book with the bean bag chair tutorial by Joanna Armour. Check out the tutorial here....more

Wordless Wednesday: Fields of Flowers

Wordless Wednesday: Fields of Flowers Photos of cultivars from Europe. Cultivars are a variety of a plants and flowers developed from a natural species and maintained under cultivation. ...more

Type A Mother: Make Your Bed or I Will Twitch

My mother tells me I used to wake up in the middle of the night and clean my room. This? Does not bode well for motherhood. Hi, my name is Rita, and I'm a Type A mother when it comes to housekeeping. ...more

What makes me scared is that they are manageable now.  I have a husband who is clean as ...more

Our Garage was a Suburban Crack House

 We didn’t know our garage was being used as a crack house until this weekend when we cleaned it out. Judging by how long we’ve had some of the lawn products where we discovered the evidence, this appears to be a two-year operation. ...more

Easy DIY Fixes for Worn-Out Floors and More

I love my house, but if you checked out my tired wood floors and kitchen cabinets you might not believe me. This morning when I saw the clever folks at the Today Show tackle restoring worn-out kitchens, I nearly cheered out loud. (Yes, my life is really that boring.)  ...more