4 Ways to Stop Junk Mail

I feel like I recycle 2/3 of my mail before opening because I know that I don't want another credit card, that certain catalogs don't suit my style or budget, or because I don't need a new home mortgage or car....more

Space-Saving Tips for Small Homes

Ever since I moved into a studio in January, I find myself drawn to stories and photos of other studio apartments, as well as the people who live in them. I want to know how they arrange their furniture, and if living in a smaller space suits them. I wonder if their space feels crowded because they're trying to fit too much into a limited amount of square footage or if everything flows like it should. ...more
For a single person life in a small apartment is the best choice according to me. It allows ...more

Kick-start Winter Composting With -- Well -- Worms.

It's no secret that I hate to see things go to waste. I have been known to dig recyclable items out of the trash and attempt to Freecycle or otherwise give away some of the craziest stuff before I will consider tossing it in the trash. I really have a hard time throwing away table scraps and fruit and vegetable peels, especially considering my children eat fruit like there's no tomorrow. All of that fruit adds up to a whole lot of orange peels, apple cores and watermelon rinds. ...more

Thanks for clarifying the dog doo (er, is that don't?) dilemma with composting.

Where ...more

kumquats in honey-ginger syrup

Ode to Washing Machines

 I recently saw this on a friend's blog and laughed my head off.   Those words are SO true! ...more

about time

blogher? is there room in my life for blogher?  i hope so.  i gave up my thoughtful quiet life as a glass artist last year to become caregiver to 2 old kids, one 56 and 90.  big change.  thats correct.  so far today i've been cook and washer woman and artist.  stringing the bits and pieces of last year, a green  windchime.          peace,love,and peanut butter...more

My partner's mother moved in with us 13 months ago. It was supposed to be temporary. It's not ...more

A Guide to the Different Jewelry Settings Available

If you are planning to purchase a piece of jewelry, whether its custom made or store purchased, there are numerous settings that gems are set into and knowing a little about them can help you in making the right choice when purchasing your purchase. Some stones benefit from one type of setting, while the beauty of another stone might not suit a particular setting. The list below highlights the more common settings.1. Prong/claw settings are the most common settings that are on the market. The metal has tips that secure and hold the stone in place....more

Great article with lots of helpful info.

I am ejoying reading your ...more

Slummy Mummy’s amazing, time-saving housework tips!

It is a few weeks ago now that I confessed to some of my most secret habits, including occasional hiding of dirty dishes in cupboards, so I thought it was time to justify my Slummy Mummy status by revealing some more of my slummiest habits. ...more

Picket Fence

You know those picket fence headboards?  Pottery Barn and others sell them for kids’ rooms.  I want one for my bed.  Queen size.  Painted white.  I said this to a friend a few days ago, while we were at breakfast.  He’s 86 and recovering from his second eye surgery.  He’s not adjusting well to the fact that parts of his body have to be mended, repaired, medicated.  He’s used to running up and down his own hill, carrying his own heavy equipment. Now he’s depressed.  A couple of us call every day to see how he feels or to ask him to go out for a while. ...more

You said it exactly.  I admire the way your father in law chooses to handle the whole ...more

Have An Organic Valentine's Day!

What do you do if you are a romantic and want to celebrate Valentine's Day with your special someone?  You don't want to betray your heart-felt feelings of social and environmental sustainability, yet you want to show your heart-felt feelings of personal affection.... ...more

For next years´ Valentine´s Day!

Cadbury Dairy Milk is now Fair Trade Certified in Canada ...more