Thrift shops are not just for shoppers.

I’m not fond of shopping but I’m crazy about thrift shops.  When I visit a new town, it’s one of the side trips I always take.  I ask locals to point me in the direction of as many thrift shops as I can fit into a schedule.  I’m not a good retail browser.  Here’s my idea of shopping for new items: 1) Need a thing. 2) See a thing. 3) Ask do you have that thing in my color, size, price? 4)  If yes, I’m out of there in minutes. 5) If not, I can live without it.    ...more

It's really habit forming, isn't it?  Exciting to fall in love with something and ...more

Green Moving Boxes -- Made of Plastic

I avoid buying plastic products. Plastics contribute to the degradation of the world’s oceans, harm wildlife, and threaten human health. But in certain situations, I think that durable plastics can actually be the better alternative to biodegradable materials like cardboard. No, I didn’t suddenly take a job lobbying for the American Chemistry Council. Rather, I was contacted by Spencer Brown of Rent-a-Green Box, who manufactures and delivers recycled plastic moving boxes that save trees by replacing disposable cardboard. ...more
 @spencerbrown  Hey Spencer...Larry at Pack-All llc   just seeing how your doing today! We are ...more

Unique Ideas for Personalizing Jewelry

BayaYou may own a piece of jewelry with only your name, initials or medical information engraved on it. There are other unique things that you can engrave when giving someone a very special piece of jewelery. When giving such a gift to someone, it shows that a great deal of thought went into it.When a couple gets married, many have the date of their marriage engraved on the inside of their wedding bands....more

Plants Gone Postal

I love online shopping. I buy most of my clothes and shoes through the interweb. Zero crowds, sales abound and somehow I always manage to get into in-store fights at Saks. Don’t mess with the tattooed girl! ...more

Today's iPhone Photography - First Tulips of 2010

My resolutions for the new year areDance Every Day, Flowers Every Week, Fun Adventure Every MonthI also try to take an iPhone polaroid every day. Here is today's picture - week two's flowers....more

Another good reason to keep newspapers alive - for the sales circulars

I spend hours online but I’m still a newspaper junkie.  Online shopping lets me research anything I’m thinking about buying.  And then there are all the juicy comments which are often called "reviews."  Ha!   I start off examining customers’ comments and then I stop at a review where someone is telling a harrowing story about exactly what happened the night they brought their new mattress home. Sagging!  Sides collapsing!  Back pain! Co-sleepers sniping at each other in the morning! ...more

I hate shopping. I'm thrifty and don't really want to buy anything - ever. But I do like sale ...more

Springing ahead

The Future will be Green ...more

Garden warming (isn't that what Al called it?)

...and isn't that what we really want?   Weather warm enough to garden in? Hi!   I'm Jenny!   I think I live in one of the nicest parts of the US right now.   I spent the last few days on my daily blog writing about peonies and salvias and roses and got quite a few protests from people protesting my cruelty. So I decided to have a little gardening giveaway to a wonderful organic grower I've been buying from for years! ...more