Cleaning Up From the Holidays - One Broken Ornament at a Time

Well I finally got all the Christmas Decorations packed up and put away.  No, I am NOT one of those who think it is acceptable to leave the decorations until, like, Valentine's Day.  You know the people that I'm talking about though; the ones whose house you drive by on July 4th, and they still have the damn wreath hanging on the front door and the lights still attached to the gutters....more

You've Got to See the Video to Believe It: Holiday Hot Mess Winner Adrienne Van Houten

Remember when I asked you to show me your piles, your boxes, your bags and your ribbons? Your cookies, pies, ovens and missing hair bobbins? Well, you did. And YOU DID! ...more

What a fun idea--to get "real" about how chaotic things can get, especially around the ...more

Don't trust matching glassware. It'll break your heart.

I don’t trust matching plates either.Or bowls and platters. I look askance at expensive stemware. And vintage crystal (Waterford candlesticks) and depression glass collections, my grandmother’s serving dishes, etc. The list is long. Every January I think about these things. I shy away from emotional attachments to breakables since 4:31 A.M. January 17th, 1994,when my condo on Valleyheart Drive in Studio City, California, shook apart in the Northridge quake. ...more

For the Love of Gardening

Rhonda Fleming Hayes ...more

Oh My Carrots!

I’ve tried growing carrots umpteen times. I sowed seeds in raised beds filled with rich, deep, loose soil. I’ve gotten two puny harvests. Today’s bunch was a cruel joke. ...more

Big Change Chronicles, Conclusion: An Amaryllis Of Peace

by Agnes KrupThis is the conclusion of Agnes Krup's Big Change Chronicles, which began with this postLate November...more

Big Change Chronicles, Part Two

by Agnes Krup. Read Part 1 of Agnes Krup's essay on finding a new home and sense of self here. Late October, 2009...more

Moving Day: It's Almost Here

By this time next week, I'll have moved all (or most) of my belongings from the current two-bedroom apartment I share with a roommate to a studio that I'll be living in by myself. I was off work last week, so I spent a chunk of that time doing the required organizing and packing-up of my belongings. ...more

Moving is always a pain in the process, but it's so fun to be in a new place.  Everytime ...more

Making a Gourd Pergola

If you have ever moved to a new place with no garden or even landscaping in existence, you might understand the dilemma I faced in the fall of 2005.  When a piece of land was cleared for my new mobile home, I had no idea how desolate my yard would look. That winter I became depressed almost every time I walked outside and looked at the scalped earth and the lack of vegetation. ...more