Pumpkin Panic Soup

Duh, I know Halloween is past and it's almost Christmas, but we're talking about a crisis. In case you haven't heard, there's a pumpkin shortage. And if everyone keeps buying 2 cans of Libby's every time they go grocery shopping, like me, it's only bound to get worse. Is this how hoarding starts? ...more

Rhonda Fleming Hayes

All the way home through Illinois, you could see the fields ...more

Turkey Carcass: to soup or not to soup

After the buzz of the Thanksgiving holiday dies down and you're finally finished picking the best pieces from the turkey carcass, what do you do with your bones?  If you are like most Americans, you waste the most valuable nutrients from this amazing animal. ...more

On Thanksgiving Day: Give Thanks – Give a Speech

We are in the midst of one of the most difficult years this country and the world has seen in decades – the challenges of the economy, the irreversible issues of climate change, mounting healthcare costs, two complicated wars…plus our own personal challenges. During times like these it’s often difficult to look on the bright side and count our blessings. Yet in the midst of so much chaos blessings remain everywhere, and it is important that we acknowledge and share them not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day. ...more

Berry Grateful Birds

Somewhere along the line my gardening goals evolved from feeding myself to feeding the wildlife that frequent my garden. Then I took it a step further; attempting to attract even more fauna to feast upon my flora....read more at http://www.thegardenbuzz.com...more

Thoughts on Decorating a New Place

I'm still trying to decide, in my quest to find a new place to live, whether I should live by myself or try to save money by moving in with another roommate. One of the big reasons living by myself is high on my list -- in addition to the obvious reasons, like not having to consider when that person would or wouldn't be around, who they might bring over, and how well we'd get along -- is that I'm really looking forward to having a place that I could decorate any way I please. ...more

I've done the roommate thing and I have to say, it's not all fun and games especially when it ...more

Budget Holiday Table Top Decorating

 Versatile Decor: Is this table set for holiday dining or for an anniversary celebration?...more


still trying to figure out Blogher.  I thought I could download my blog post (from blogger) to this.  sorry for the inconvenience...more

Portly Porcini

Home improvement projects get me thinking about mushrooms.  Sitting in my new living room surrounded by boxes we haven’t unpacked so we can shove them and our furniture into our bedrooms while our living room floors are refinished this weekend, I’m reminded of Richard (pronounced “Reechad.”)  ...more

Saving Money in the Recession

www.saving-money-group.com A website dedicated to helping you survive the recession. Full of tips and ideas to help you save money, make your money go further and avoid waste. Find out how to reduce your food bills and feed your family in a healthy and economic way.  Reduce your homes running costs by learning how to repair rather than replace items plus how to help those appliances last longer. ...more