The very beginning

I grew up with a mad gardener: my mother. A mid-life move saw her start from scratch in the middle of an empty paddock with stunning results. Here, more than 15 years later, I am in my early 40s and facing the same challenge, creating a garden in an empty space. Well nearly. My space isn't anywhere near as large, and it boasts two more trees than she had. Sadly this is not an advantage - one I've yet to properly identify but is evergreen with little lilac flowers and it's in the wrong place, and the other is a scraggly nectarine that failed to fruit this past summer....more

Pittsburg Beautiful Yard Of The Month

It was a both a shock and an honor last month to be awarded the Pittsburg Beautiful Yard of the month.View Post...more

Re-purposing An Old Crib

Just for the record - we haven't made him sleep in this one for quite some time, he just decided to spend a little time remembering t...more

A Letter To My Neighbors About My Yard: There's a Reason for It

Dear Busybody Neighbors,This is a letter to you, the ones that made a huge fuss over the state of chaos that was our yard after several tons of oak tree smashed our house during Hurricane Irene, the ones who welcomed us back to the neighborhood the very day we arrived home after our 10 months of refugee-living (while our house was being rebuilt) by reminding us that we had one week to clean up the yard before the America In Bloom garden snob judges came to town. There are many of you in this neighborhood. I know because I've had you pull over to remind us that our grass needs mowing even when it is only an inch or two taller than yours. I've seen you scoff at the toys scattered on the porch and the general unruliness of our yard....more
This is really too bad. I don't know your neighbours of course, but wonder if you can sway them ...more

Boulders for Christmas, aka Back 40 revamp, phase 1

 Along with boulders, dirt and compost, yours truly got these lovely coral Japanese maples for Chris...more

It's Called Hard Work for a Reason

It's Called Hard Work for a ReasonIt isn't ever delicate to live.  ~Kay Ryan...more

Landscaping is the best workout ever.

I am STILL sore from this weekend. STILL. My right elbow and left knee hate me. I had some kind of allergic reaction to fresh mulch and have an absolutely lovely rash running down each of my legs. My abs feel like they should be toned and defined {even though they are absolutely, positively not}. What did we do, you ask? Why, we landscaped our yard!...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project...more

Clearly I Need To Learn To Weld

This morning I spent some time at my local bank. Although I had the huge urge, I didn't roll around in the piles of cash the bank keeps in its vault.(FYI: The bank frowns upon this. Don't ask me how I know. I just know, okay?)...more

Easy DIY Vegetable Garden

I try to plant at least two tomato plants in my backyard every year so my husband and I can enjoy tomatoes anytime we want. This year, I did the same but also added to the vegetable garden. ...more
Your hostas look beautiful! They are one of my favorite plants! And I'm hoping mine will come ...more

Shrubbery Sculpting

We bought our house two years ago, so this is the third summer we will be living on our 20 little acres in the country.  Like moving to every other house we’ve bought, it takes time to settle in and get things done....more