Home-and-Hand-Made Coasters

Learn to make your own coasters. Photos included :-) by Gawky Green @ twogirlsgogreen

love arts 'n crafts. My forte is using things to make other things.
Which is why one of my favorite coffee table books is "The Big-Ass Book
of Crafts" by TLC’s/Style’s Mark Montano.

This book has been an
inspiration to me to adorn my household with cheap and inexpensive
decorations of things made from other things. So when I saw a set of
really cool coasters made from newspaper at Urban Outfitters, I thought
I’d tackle the project myself. Any excuse to use Mod Podge.

They were pretty easy to make, but a bit time consuming.

I went to make my coasters, I searched for directions and couldn't find
any. So I am posting my own for those interested. For those too lazy or
uninspired to make their own, but want to support a worldly cause
(e.g., fair trade) and have really sweet looking coasters, you can
purchase a set of them through Ten Thousand villages for $18. For those not interested in any of the above, now is the time to x on out.

Things you’ll need:

1) Scissors
2) Mod Podge and a foam brush
3) Old magazines

of the coasters I have seen online used newspaper. I used magazines
and, therefore, will explain my directions using those. So far mine
have been durable and resistant to H20 residue.

1. Grab a couple of old magazines.
Rip out a bunch of pages. I wanted a wide variety of color in my
coasters, so I chose a bunch of different pages that had a lot of
solids. If you want to get really spunky, pick a theme. Obama coasters
could be neat. Though, you won't really get to see what is on the
magazine pages except for on the last ring...more on this laterrr.
3. Cut each magazine page in half (this determines the thickness of each ring, and is a dimension you can play around with).
Take a half page and fold it over about a 1/2 inch. Press down and
crease. This will determine the height of the coaster. It's really
important that all your folds are the same size or else your coaster
will be uneven and thus your coaster will be a bit too wobbly for its
own good.
5. Glue down the 1/2 inch.
Keep on folding over and gluing until the page is used up. So in the
end you basically have a 1/2 inch high and slightly thick stick-like
form. Remember those fans we used to make in elementary school?
Now take one end and slowly begin to wrap itself around itself like a
snail shell. Add glue to it while you are wrapping so that it stays
down. Hold it together with your fingers for a minute or two.8. Repeat steps 4-6.
Now take your new strip and attach it to to the end of your snail like
shell so that it has a smooth flow from one strip to the next.10.
Repeat steps 4-9 a million and one times. Well not, really, but you’ll
need to do these steps until your coaster is the circumference you
want. I used about 35ish strips total.
11. Your last strip is going to show the most, so use a cool looking design for it.
12. When you’re satisfied with the way it looks, shellac your coaster on both sides and allow to dry.
13. Then have a party and show off your new coasters.

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