Home at last in Kensington Brooklyn

The pride of America flying from the front of our house
The pride of America flying from the front of our house

After 3 months living in a neigborhood that was central to so many great museums, attractions and Central Park in Manhattan, yet not quite my cup of tea, I am feeling very settled in our new home in Kensington!

It has everything that I wanted and everything all the apartment brokers said we could not have for the price we wanted in Brooklyn. Well, a big raspberry to them all, for less than we budgeted we have big sunny windows, a living and dining room, a backyard (the more New York style backyard seems to be more concrete than green, but that's okay), a laundry room used only by 2 other apartments (I will miss sending my laundry out, but really not practical if I am going to use cloth nappies) and space and more space! By New York standards our house is palatial. I was not interested in living in a concrete box in the sky or below inconsiderately loud neighbors.

I'm happy we were picky and stood our ground with so many agents who tried to cramp our little 4 person family into tiny places in questionable neighborhoods.

Kensington is such a diverse neighborhood, it feels right to be in America's largest urban city surrounded by everyone from Jewish, Caribbean, and Asian communities. The regular call to Mecca from the local Mosque throughout the day is just distant enough away to be peaceful and remind me to stop and appreciate my surroundings.

The neighborhood is friendly, people stop and say hi, the neighbors say welcome, and we have a slot car arena just around the corner! This neat place feels like a step back into the 80's with old arcade games, vending machines and formica counter tops. Big Monkey nearly fainted when we walked past. He had just a few nights ago been researching slot cars and wether we should get some for Monkey #1 for Christmas. I think we'll spend a bit of coin here on cold Saturday afternoons.

kids enjoying the one of a kind Buzz-a-rama slotcars in Kensington
kids enjoying the one of a kind Buzz-a-rama slotcars in Kensington

It's not the best name for a liquor store, or any store for that matter, but they seem to have a decent selection of wines which I'll only get to sample in a few months.

S.T.D liquor store is an unfortunate name for any business
S.T.D is an unfortunate name for any business


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