Home Preserving and Canning Adventures

Howdy. Today is the day Corazon Kitchen and Farm starts it on-line adventure. We are embarking on a journey here on this 1/2 acre homestead outside Denver. We grow 60-70% of our own food and we can, preserve and freeze everything we can for the winter. Now we want to share that with the community. We believe in nutritious, local and organic food. Our blog will help take the mystery out of making that happen in your home too.

In the next few months, these blog posts will be full of homespun, delicious recipes that you can use for home canning with your bounty from farmer's markets and the grocery store.  Then in January 2015 we will begin a year-long process to help all of you bring a home garden and canning operation to life - right out of your own space - whether it be a yard, or planters, or a community garden plot. We'll start with seedlings under the lights and take you all the way through the next harvest. This is the year Corazon Kitchen and Farm will help you become more food independent - and blissfully so - because your food will taste so sublime, you'll never be able to go back.

Talk soon!  Gretchen 

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