Home Schoolers vs. Public School kids - a homeschooled teen's take.

Let me just start this out with a little background information:

Homeschooled my whole life; junior year of high school I started attending college and now my Senior year I am a full-time college kid as well. Growing up I was actively involved in sports, music, and lots of other recreational activity, so don't label me like you would any other home schooled kid just yet.

The way I think people see a majority of homeschoolers based off what they have said to me:

Unsocial, lack of world experience, mommy-attached, multiple siblings, doesn't know any pop music, doesn't watch cable tv, wears handed down clothing, can't get along with other children, sheltered, extremely intelligent or extremely unintelligent, bible worshipper.

The way I see a majority of homeschoolers based off my experiences with others:

Very social but mommy-attached, multiple siblings, doesn't know any pop music, doesn't watch cable tv, very intelligent, oddball personalities, sheltered, musical geniuses, and living in the wrong century (most of them).

And then there is me and my two siblings (older brother in college, younger sister in high school/college):

A little TOO social, great sense of humor, definitely not mommy-attached considering we always tried to leave the house with the car, smart, watch way too much cable tv, listen to every type of music out there, religious but not ridiculous about it, always got along well with kids even the complete douche bags.

So what am I getting at? Honestly, I'm still trying to figure that out, I know I had a point till I got distracted by this wonderful cup of coffee. Generic brands all the way! Any who, growing up, a lot of our family members who were teachers or didn't homeschool their kids, always criticized us saying that being homeschooled will make us unsocial, not properly educated, and not aware of what is really in the world.

But honestly, at my job all I've been told is how well I can talk to people (especially older ones) so maturely and how caring I am, verses the kids who just go to their job as a job and don't bother talking to the old folks.

I'm not saying all public school kids can't communicate well with older people and that they aren't caring, I'm just saying that my siblings and I, and some other friends of mine who have been homeschooled, have been complimented by many people of all ages on how well we communicate. So what makes us so unsocial and not able to communicate well to so many people? Is it because we don't know all the Kardashians names? Is it because we don't know all the lyrics to Kanye Wests latest rap song? Does knowing any of these things really get you anywhere?

I have quite a few friends (almost all go to public high school) say that they wish they could have been homeschooled because they see how successful it has made me. Again, not saying public educated kids aren't successful (I know many who are - and erm, aren't) but I'm just bringing to surface are many pros verses our lack of cons (personal opinion). 

At fourteen years old I raised $2800 to go on a mission trip to Belize for a whole summer. I went by myself to Florida where I met a team of 18 teens from all over the world that I did not know, and by the end of that summer we were all like best friends. Am I still unsocial? Can I still not get along with other kids well?

Honestly, it was that trip that I realized how many people saw kids like me as a nerdy-weirdo who isn't cool till they all got to know me.

I don't wear amishly long skirts, or have ridiculously long hair rolled up into a bun. I am not catholic, and I do not know every element on the periodic table.

I wear whatever the heck I want, I listen to whatever the heck I want, I believe in God like I believe that chocolate is the best thing on earth next to slippers, I think the Kardashians should be kicked off television, and I don't know all the words to Kanye Wests rap songs. BUT I do know some Nicki Minaj, so it's all good.

Now moving on to what I think of public school kids, I must first say again that a majority of my close friends all attend public school and are great people. But from what I've observed and experience by talking and being around kids who go to school, I realized how grateful I am my parents let me choose the homeschooled educational system verses that screwed up bullied-filled judgemental and loud school. Many girls whom I got to know on my softball team (4-year champs), were real snobby and could care less about someone who wasn't like them. They didn't respect the coaches, and definitely didn't respect their parents. Now I know I'm not perfect and I act out every now and then, but I still respect my parents, even when I don't agree with them (which has been often lately). 

I guess this post really wasn't to compare homeschoolers and public schoolers, but to really just point out that hey, there are homeschooled nerds who aren't as nerdy or sheltered as you think, and they are doing just fine in the world.

As a 17 year old full-time college kid who loves a good argument, I'm asking any readers out there to feel free to give me their thoughts about homeschoolers verses public schoolers.

-Liz :)

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