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Yesterday as we stopped at a frozen yogurt shop and chose “White Lime,”  Dolce de leche, Vanilla, Taro”—can you believe? And then we stacked topping upon our selections—berries, nuts, fruit, candy, and while two year old grandson—who loved the lime by the way--licked the cup clean, Daughter Darling said, “This is the way school ought to be, you make your own selection from toppings and stack it all together into a delicious curriculum.” Yum.

This is preliminary information on a Home Schooling site my daughter and I plan to publish.

Our site, as yet unnamed, will be in two parts:

  • Information on Homeschooling, curriculum, what is available to parents and children, how to do it, links.
  • An on-line Home School.

Imagine a school where interaction is encouraged, where dreams are reinforced, and following one’s dream is applauded.

Imagine a school where humanity is uppermost on the scale of attributes, and embarrassment and ridicule is non-existent as much as can be.

Imagine a school where social interaction is encouraged even though we are not in direct contact with each other. Contact can be through SKYPY, video, emails, writing—maybe eventually picnics, social outings, Disneyland, travel, etc. Some pen pals end up being friends for life.

What if a student prepares a science project and videos it, explains it, shares it with the rest of the students. We evaluate, give feed-back, and encourage submission to the National Science Foundation awards when plausible.

Art, Music and Science can be taught on-line, as well as Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. One of my daughters took a computer math course and breezed through college math; the other daughter went the conventional route and struggled through college math, as well as feelings of inadequacy.

Students can share with each other outside activities—music lessons, swimming, sports, Karate, hiking, horse-back riding. Who’s taking piloting lessons?

If you are interested in such an endeavor sign up for our list. More research and thought will go into this as time goes by. We all need a little help from our friends.

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