Home Schooling - Do I dare go there again?

Ok, do I go there yet again?

But I have a question, on TV I regularly see these "learning centers" advertising, so, if the school system is adequate, why do people have to pay to help their kids learn?  

I read so many articles about schools, parents who choose to home school and people who are upset with the school system in general around the country.  This is not an isolated thing in one state or another.  More and more people seem to be considering the idea and yet, it is such a hot topic - so controversial.  People have very strong opinions about it, usually against it.  The people who actually do home school, are usually quite quiet about it and seem to just get on with it.

At one of the barns I visit, there is a young lady there who is in her teens and she decided, after discussing it with her parents, to home school.  I asked her why, and she told me it was due to the terrible time she got at school, this bullying stuff that has really become an enormous problem.  Now this is a very nice normal everyday kid.  Why on earth anyone would want to pick on her is beyond me.  I really just don't get it.  

So, with all the bullying, which seems to extend beyond the playground these days to the cyber world, and the parents putting their kids into "learning centers" to make up the ground they need to just so they pass their classes, these are two strong arguments for me to home school.

One person’s comment that the kids on a soccer team tended to hang out with the kids that were at a public school, and not home schooled, kind of made me cringe.  Why do the parents tolerate that behavior from their kids?  And where do the kids get these ideas anyway?  Their parents?  I mean where else does a 4 year old get the idea that a kid who is home schooled is "different"????

 Who cares how the kids are schooled?  Isn't it up to us as parents to teach tolerance that goes beyond race?  We need to teach tolerance across the board, about everything. Whether the kids are tall, short, overweight, skinny, wear glasses, have knock knees, have freckles, curly hair; are Asian, black, white, islander; gay, straight, etc, you name it, kids should learn to look beyond that and see everyone for who they are, an individual, who has something to offer and maybe learn from and it is our responsibility as parents to teach them to welcome every kid.

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