HOME IS - Where Your Heart BEATS

Sitting on the beach by the Golden Gate bridge is amazing, the view is great, it makes you feel that you are part of history, that you are a dot in the map you can google earth it and if you look real close it might be able to spot you.

Tanning naked on Barker Beach is such a treat, it makes you happy to live in a city with so much freedom and so close to such beautiful neighborhood like the Presidio, but if you think of jumping into the Ocean once the sun starts to burn then you wish the water would be a little warmer and as a native from Panama I start to fantazise of the warm beaches of my country.

I wish I trade the San Francisco state of mind for the tropical warm beaches of my Caribbean Sea or warm Pacific beaches because in Panama we have the blessing to have both Oceans an hour away from each other so you can imagine the choices we spoiled ones have.

When I lived in San Francisco, I thought of my beaches down in Panama and now that I’m down here I don’t even go anymore, so there goes my hypothesis of taking for granted what you have and missing it when you don’t have it anymore. I love both cities and I miss them a lot  when I’m not there.

I get to miss all the San Francisco activities, all the freedoms as a result of the liberal  way of being that I identify so much and I don’t find in Panama.

I guess, “you can’t always get what you want” but if you try sometime you just might find- “you get what you need”.

 I figure you can always fly both places at all times, they are both in my heart. There are more places to be explored and ready to be found, to be fallen in love, there will be other places I want to call home.

 I realized not too long ago that it doesn’t matter in which city I am, the home I’m looking for is inside of me. They say home is where your heart beats. It is where it feels warm and I feel in peace with myself so comfortable with my skin to find love wherever I go regardless of the place.

Family is the people that complement your whole not the ones chosen by name, geography or blood.

We as beings of light have to create more positive energy to share it with other to create harmony.

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