Weekly Book Giveaway: <i>Carry On, Jeeves</i>, by P.G. Wodehouse

In honor of back-to-school week, I've chosen something soothing for this week's Book Giveaway: Carry On, Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse. It isn't my favorite Jeeves-and-Wooster collection, but it's pretty much ideal reading for anyone feeling overwhelmed by constant demands for calculators, kleenex, and signed permission slips. As always, this contest runs Monday through Friday ....more

Long Weekend Basics

Hi there and happy September — did you enjoy the extended weekend here in the states? We didn't head out of town but did get a chance to gather with family and friends, knock out projects around the house and just generally enjoy having an extra day to slow down.The highlight of the weekend was gathering together with our friends for a dinner party to celebrate the end of summer and a birthday. We've got tomatoes coming in like nobody's business around here, so have been packing up the extra bounty in to-go style packages to take and share on visits like these: Michele and Brandon (you might know them from the Richmond Food Co-op) hosted a beautiful dinner outdoors in their Church Hill garden ....more

#MicroblogMonday 1 - Just a day late!

I know what you're thinking. "What? Two posts in the same day from her? And the second one has Monday in its title? When it's actually TUESDAY? Has she gone mad?!" Please don't be confused, dear readers - it's definitely Tuesday today, but since I missed the boat yesterday on Melissa Ford's fabulous new MicroblogMonday idea I'm quickly jumping in now, even though I'm a little late to the party. ...more

Chocolate Vanilla Protein Mug Cake

You know that Rolling Stones song You Can't Always Get What You Want?...more

Best Idea Take 2

When Addilyn was born we bought the book On the Night you were Born, to the hospital and had visitors sign it with a note to Addi, and we kept it around our house for awhile too for guests to sign when they came to meet her. ...more

five things :: shopping in cambodia

when we booked our tickets to cambodia (on budget airlines..), the husband strategically excluded check in luggage! his rationale was - its just a short weekend, no baby gear so let's go light! at least that was how it was sold to me....more

Ask a Yoga Question

Pin it! Ask your yoga question on this blog! Wearing: Wellicious zing bra (review) ....more

Traveling with an Infant

Over the past month, we have traveled a ton with Grayson! In fact, I still feel like I am recovering a bit from it all. I thought I’d share some of my tips and favorite items that made our travel a ton easier {and by travel, I mean 3 flights, 1 train ride and 2 long car trips} ....more

September Is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Normally I’m not big into the ribbons for awareness, but I also don’t feel super comfortable sharing difficult things, so I’m not going to be putting decals on my car.  I think knowledge and awareness are absolutely crucial to getting more cures and more people involved in helping each other, but I’m pretty selective about what I share, and I think it’s better that way.  Like, I don’t like telling people I have Celiac because I don’t like going through the questions…with everybody....more

Parents Arrested For 'Stealing' Sick Son From Hospital Released From Jail

Parents who were arrested and were sitting in a Spanish prison for the crime of trying to save their dying son have been released.The parents of 5-year-old Ashya King sparked an international manhunt when they snuck their little boy, who has a brain tumor, out of his hospital in Britain for a last ditch attempt to save him with an experimental procedure in the Czech Republic.The boy was being treated at a hospital in southern England, but when the parents felt not enough was being done, they grabbed him and flew to Spain, where they had property they wanted to sell to fund the experimental treatment in Czech Republic.Since the move was against doctors' orders and imperiled his life, a warrant went out for the pair's arrest. They were found and brought to jail. The little boy was taken to a Spanish hospital ....more