Little Squishies

Look at them. Just look at them. Did your heart just explode from the cute? ...more

The Search for The Perfect Pinky Brown Cream Lipstick Is Over! Meet ColourPop Aquarius

I Bought It ColourPop Aquarius is the pinky brown cream lipstick of my dreams. But, I have to say I was slightly disappointed when I first received this little piece of luxury lip color. Disappointed? ...more

Love Languages (or Why Valentine's Day is Stupid)

At some point during my formative years there was a Love Languages movement that plummeted the shores of this great continent, a near tsunami of pure wisdom that would surely end all war and stitch together every rift that a couple might encounter....more

Scrappy Mountain Majesties at Quilt in a Day!

THIS is one happy quilter!This is a happy quilter who has reached her dream of not only visiting Quilt in a Day in San Marcos, California – home of her ultimate quilting idol, Eleanor Burns, but of actually having the opportunity to TEACH in this wonderful facility!No, I don’t look too excited at all, do I?As we were driving over to Quilt in a Day, my friend Jill was daring me to guess which building was Eleanors – because you see, this is not in a regular shopping center kind of area....more

Soothing My Soul with Lipton Tea

Did you ever just have a bad day, week, or even month? I know I sure have. Sometimes you need to just relax, decompress and soothe you soul ....more

DIY Sequined Heart Elbow Patches

Hi there! It’s Paige, back again with another easy DIY for you! Elbow patches are back in style, ladies! ...more

How To Decorate For Pennies - Totally Change A Room For Under $25

When I did my family room refresh I had quite a few ask where I got my pillows. ...more

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

There's nothing quite like a stack of homemade pancakes, and these Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes...more

Six Days

Writing any sort of post is almost impossible for me now. I know you understand. All my energy is focused on getting through the day and doing my work ....more

JTV Jewelry & Giveaway!

So often Valentine's Day is centered around a significant other, when I think it is much better to focus on anyone who is special in your life. I recently talked about this in my post about the Galentine's Day Brunch my friend hosted for a bunch of her girlfriends. It was fun to just have some girl time and talk about appreciating our friends and loving ourselves....more