Stephanie Mann discusses the bloody siege on that dark day in Irish history. According to the conventions of 17th century warfare, a besieged city that refused a summons to surrender and was then taken by storm could expect no mercy. Cromwell regarded the massacre at Drogheda as a righteous judgment on the Catholics who had slaughtered Protestant settlers in the Irish Uprising of 1641, a view that was probably shared by most Protestants at the time ....more

Pavlov's Blog (Confessions of a Compulsive Commenter!)

The Comment Section on a Blog can really bring out the same personality traits you would exhibit at a cocktail party. Having OCD, this has been a problem for me....more

Pahlish Halloween Selections

In keeping with the Halloween theme this week, today I have three shades from the Pahlish Happy Holo-ween collection. When I saw the bottles had special labels with a ghost on them, I was powerless to resist.I wore two of these holos together, giving Trick or Mint, a spring green with gold shimmer/microflakies, an accent nail of Pop Rock Panic, a lilac with silver shimmer/purple microflakies. I used three coats of each and added topcoat for extra shine ....more

San Antonio

A little while ago, we made a trip to San Antonio to visit with my grandmother....more

Fall Finds Under $25

I adore fall. I always have. Even living in a climate that doesn’t really see the true beauty of the changing season, I anticipate the end of summer and beginning of cozy autumn like a kid on Christmas Eve....more

Week in the Life: Fall 2014 (Tuesday)

First we have the winner of the Coborns Delivers giveaway: Frugal Vegan Mom. Thanks to all who entered! I'm now going to be posting two days behind.. ....more

Makeup Of The Day 43 Inspired By 500 Eye-Makeup Designs

Press Sample I Bought It By Sheila Arkee This look was inspired by 500 Eye-Makeup Designs. While I reviewed the book a couple weeks back, I never got the chance to show you the full MOTD. The day I created this look I felt inspired to straighten and braid my hair ....more

A New Take on Reading and Writing

My 4 year old daughter loves to read.  We've been reading to her every night (and throughout the day) since she was born.  She picked up language really quickly and also knew all the letters, the sounds they made, and how to write each one before she was three.  But after she had learned all that, I knew the next step was reading, but I didn't know how to approach teaching her.  So, I started out with some basic sight words flash cards. ...more

Top 10 Halloween Candy Drinks: Pairing Your Stash With Snazz

credit  Halloween Cometh ...more

Preparing for Labor and Delivery: Newborn Babies Make the Pain Totally Worth It

There’s this big part of getting ready for labor and delivery that a lot of us forget – or just don’t know how – to do. I’m completely guilty of it. When I was pregnant with Ricky, I got prepared in the normal ways that you think of getting ready for the hospital: touring the facility, registering in advance, packing my hospital bag. But that didn’t really eliminate the anxiety that kept creeping in as we got closer and closer to my delivery date....more