Fluffy Frosting Recipe

Fluffy Frosting Recipe Brace yourselves- this frosting is life changing! Well, maybe not life changing…but it could make you famous (that’s probably a lie too). However, this fluffy frosting recipe WILL make your family jump for joy! ...more

life lately

Life lately has consisted of busy and fun-filled weekends with family and friends - the perfect way to spend those treasured days off from work. We went to a Dodger game a few weeks ago for my dad's birthday (where Robin Thicke perfomed!) - which is unofficially the start of every summer in Southern California. I've been stocking up on great shoes which are easy to throw on with any outfit - again, in preparation for the summer season which I'm so BEYOND ready for ....more

Staff Loungin’ Podcast and the Zombie EDpocalypse

Hi, I’m Dave Pluscauskas, I’m a teacher from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. I’m also the founder of the Staff Loungin’ podcast and I am very excited to be sharing my podcast with The Educator’s Room. Staff Loungin’, the podcast where teachers talk about teaching and eat their lunches while they do it, was born of my frustration at how teachers are shut out education reform ....more

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

Sometimes, you have to see it to believe it....more

It's the Little Things ... Like Lovin' the Easter Bunny

A little mommy bragging is about to go down...My kid loves characters / doctors / haircuts, and I'm so thankful. Don't get me wrong, we have our fair share or public meltdowns (on the regular, folks) over little things, but I'm really glad he's been easy going when it comes to someone else giving him attention. As long as mom is right there within view he's happy to let the doctor check his ears, have the hairdressers cut his hair or sit with Santa / The Easter Bunny ....more

My experience with Frownies with before and after photo!

Me with my Frownies...more

{Five Reasons Why THM May Not be Working} It Might be Your Thyroid.

I'm not even gonna try to explain why it's taken me so long to write Reason Two of this series of posts I promised you I'd write months ago.Sometimes you can manage to do ONLY that which keeps your children alive, one moment at a time, know what I mean? 2014 has been one of those "barely keeping the children alive" kinds of years, but I'm finally breathing some fresh air at the end of this mine shaft that's included starting a new part-time job, reinventing an old business, and just some other crazy nonsense that you don't want to know about. But SUFFICE IT TO SAY THAT MY ADRENAL GLANDS ARE GETTING YET ANOTHER WORKOUT because that is the ONLY way I know how to roll.Which brings me to the point of this blog post.. ....more

Bloggers Meet Up in Kuala Lumpur and Mama Yu Nasi Kukus

I’ve been back for a week and only now I managed to sit down and do something on my laptop. I’ve been very busy running errands, stocking up the fridge etc. Thank God my husband got the house cleaning done and I don’t have to do much ....more

How TV Sex set us up to Fail in Bed

I just discovered Scandal on Netflix.Yes. I know. I’m coming (pun intended) to the Oliva Pope/President Fitzgerald party waaaaaay late. But I’ve come to the party with a vengeance. I’ve managed to watch all 40+ episodes that have aired to date in the last six weeks.I forgot to brush and floss, make kids’ lunches, take my meds, shave my legs, kiss my husband, let alone hob his knob (I know, that’s not a saying, but it should be). I have basically been useless....more

Big Plans {revised}

In February I posted about my Big Plans for 2014 and then, 6 weeks later, posted about how running kinda sucks. ...more