Learn From My Mistakes

by: Becca One of the hardest parts of parenting is looking back and wishing we’d done things differently. I’ve written before about how ignorant I was to race issues before Riah came to our family. I’m still learning everyday, but I’m a lot more aware and able to talk with my kids than I’ve ever been before ....more

Review: eBook 101 Healthy Vegan Asian Food by Jonathan Vine

press sample Official Description Publication Date: April 22, 2014 The most amazing collections of delicious Asian vegan recipes for a healthy lifestyle! 101 original, easy and delicious healthy vegan recipes from 10 different countries (Appetizers, Soups, Main dishes & Desserts ) After the dizzying success of the three previous bestsellers, Jonathan Vine’s foutrh cookbook is mainly for people who are crazy about Asian food and, on the other hand, want to maintain a healthy and harmonious vegan diet. In 101 Healthy Vegan Asian Food you will find: 1 ....more

Self Portrait 365|100

Pleasure is wild and sweet. She likes purple flowers. She loves the sun and the wind and the night sky ....more

Living With a Psychopath (Impact on a Child)

We watch it on television. We read about it in tabloids. We become armchair experts on the subject, sometimes even joking around and accusing each other of being one. But, what is it truly like to live with a psychopath? ...more

Weekly Book Giveaway: <i>All Fall Down</i>, by Ally Carter

This week we're giving away a copy of All Fall Down, the first book in Ally Carter's Embassy Row series. Carter has yet to write anything that full-on knocks my socks off, but she's one of the most consistently entertaining YA authors we follow, so I'm sincerely looking forward to reading this sucker. As always, this contest runs Monday through Friday ....more

Let’s build a fort!

Thank you Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s post. What do you do when it’s cold and raining outside?...more

What I Learned This Week

Somehow, I’ve contracted the crud. I’ve lost my voice. My chest is rattling and I’m hackin’ up junk ....more

Valentine’s Day Cookie Cutter Stamping

Stephanie Oswald A simple way to get creative for Valentine’s Day, is with a heart shaped cookie cutter stamping activity! This activity can get a bit messy, but not any messier than other painting activities really! Author information Stephanie Oswald Founder/Writer at Parenting Chaos Austin, TX parenting blogger and early childhood intervention specialist ....more

Hey There 26

Hey everyone! First things first, thank you so much to those of you that wished me a happy birthday this weekend! My birthday was Saturday and Jesse did a great job of making it a very special day ....more

Roast Chicken - Norman Rockwell Worthy Entertaining

Though I purport to be a pretty okay home cook and generally feel like I can make a decent dinner, there are a some kitchen skills a twenty-something should know that I've never even attempted. Case in point:  I've never roasted a whole bird.  Can I really call myself a good cook if I don't have that seemingly simple (stick the whole thing in the oven!) yet definitely daunting (salmonella!  Dry chicken!!) task down??  I think not.So, I'm challenging myself to recreate this:...more