Yard Sale Makeover No. 2 - How To Turn A Thermos Into A Lamp

The second of my yard sale finds that I'm repurposing/redoing/using/whatever is my blue thermos.I had seen something similar to this in a magazine a while back and thought "I can do that!"And I did. It was really quite easy. Supplies needed: Thermos - vintage is good, new is just as good (did I just say that?) Make-A-Lamp Kit by Westinghouse Drill with 3/8" drill bit 3/8" rubber grommet Safety glasses - Be safe ....more

Weekend Basics

It was another beautiful weekend here in RVA! We not only did we have some welcome overnight rain showers, but got out of the house in order to take on what turned out to be a mix of projects — and even squeezed in a date night!Similar to last weekend, the main event from this weekend was another trip to the farm to continue work on updating the airstream we've been tackling with Josiah & Jocelyn. I will tell you we decided to remove the front folding seating area — we've got big plans for this space: This little guy was giving Mary the full details on all the work getting done (can you tell how much I love my Christmas present): We made lots of good progress on the camper, and look forward to sharing all the recent updates here on the blog tomorrow.Josiah was kind enough to give us one of the milled boards he had stored in the farm workshop: We've been looking out for a nice thick, reclaimed board just like one of these, thinking of building out an exposed shelf on our back kitchen wall ....more

Panda Express Orange Chicken Copycat

On Saturdays, I feel like we either have all the time in the world to make dinner, or we have nearly zero time at all. On one particular Saturday this month, we found ourselves with zero plans, and a serious craving for Chinese food. It was then when we finally tried this recipe I had been dreaming of, and it seriously didn't disappoint!...more

Swimming in chicks this fall… or not?

I’m trying to not count my eggs before they hatch but we might be swimming in chicks soon! Let’s see, where was the beginning of this chicken saga? I believe it all started when we found our beloved Bernice, an Americauna hen, dead near the stock trailer ....more

Dear 2015 BlogHer Conference Newbies

 I was totally in your shoes last year. Well, my shoes probably aren't as trendy as yours, but you get the idea. You might be overwhelmed by the groups of bloggers you pass, who always seem to be in constant states of glee and giddiness. You'll wonder, "Why are they so happy?...more
Great post!  I was in your shoes this year too and it was so helpful to have made connections ...more

Meet the Cast "Ruffled Glam"

SandalDress BraceletClutch ...more

Discovering Our Own Backyard - Johnstown

Discovering Our Own Backyard - Johnstown There is no past or future. Using tenses to divide time is like making chalk marks on water.  ~Janet Frame...more

Saag Aloo (Spinach and Potato Curry)

Unbelievably, after a conversation with my best friend Basil, I realized that I had yet to document and share a recipe from my kitchen for saag aloo here on my space. As this potato and spinach curry is one of the most popular North Indian vegetable dishes around the globe, I am rather ashamed to just be sharing a favorite version from my kitchen just now — and that after 7 1/2 years of blogging with particular attention to Indian cuisine! I've shared many classics over the years but somehow this earthy and spicy vegetable classic got lost in the shuffle ....more

Healing. And being productive.

The only thing worse than a tooth infection is a tooth infection when you're in the middle of wedding planning. That lovely pain and swelling that knocked me on my ass last week put me behind schedule (and also, somehow caused my house to look like a disaster. Joy.) and so I'm actually incredibly thankful for my lack of hours at work this week ....more