Artwork of the Week: Indonesian Sesando

Today’s Artwork of the Week might not technically be considered a work of art, but it is in an art museum, so let’s go with it. Javanese, Sesando, late 19th century, Met Museum This is a sesando from the Javanese people from the Timor Island of Indonesia. A sesando is a musical instrument–a string zither ....more

Drama Adaptation of Manhwa Goodbye Mr. Black Vying for the Post-Yongpal Time Slot on SBS

It appears the drama adaptation of webtoon Will You Have Dinner with Me (Let’s Have Dinner Together) is completely dead in the water, first losing the time slot at SBS to upcoming drama Yongpal, and later losing leading lady Shin … Continue reading → ...more

Gooey German Chocolate Cake Cookies

Rich, chocolaty cookies topped with a decadent layer of caramel-coated pecans, coconut and chocolate chips? Yes, please. This soft and sweet cookie twist on the classic cake is so incredibly delicious and easy! ...more

Berry Smoothie Breakfast Bowls

Yes, I’m coming at you with two smoothie recipes in a row. Smoothies aren’t just meant for a glass and straw anymore. Make a parfait ....more

12 Favorite Greige Rugs (And Where to Buy Them On a Budget)

A big thanks to for sponsoring this post. ...more

Whole Wheat Coconut Muffins

Sherri from The Well Floured Kitchen is sharing a delicious muffin recipe made from 100% whole wheat. This looks like a great grab-n-go breakfast on those early school mornings! Moist and tender whole wheat coconut muffins ....more

Turn Your iPhone Into a Life Saving Device

If you are anything like me (meaning: “an average mom”) you have A LOT of important information and pictures...more

15 in '15 July Update

Another month down, another book read off the list. There's just one book left, I tried to read it this past week but between my grandma passing and this book being very descriptive I had a hard time concentrating so I ordered the audio book from the library to help me get through it. Normally I wouldn't go through all these measures to try and read a book but Dave's mom-mom really wants me to read it so we...more

Babysitting Wages: What is fair?

I'd like to know what to pay the babysitter....more

Barcocina, Fells Point | Barcocina, Fells Point

Mexican food is a fickle beast, sometimes it’s great. And when it’s great, it’s reaaaly great. But when it stinks, you’ll swear to yourself that you’ll never pay for tacos again ....more