Open Thread with Basset on a Beach

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Red Hot Lee Jun Ki Fields Offers as Joseon Gunman Leads the Chinese Online Viewcount of Summer 2014 K-dramas

It was a great summer for Lee Jun Ki as his sageuk drama Joseon Gunman was the top-rated prime time drama for its time slot. Overall the ratings were down to the low teens or high single digits across all … Continue reading → ...more

Fresh Faced Back to School Look

Hey hey heeeeey, ladies! I'm back! So sorry for the lapse in posts ....more

zucchini, feta, & olive oil muffins

i wasn’t sure about savory muffins. i mean, i always try to cut down on the sugar that i put in muffins… but a muffin with no sugar, or any other sort of sweetness, at all? it all seemed a little sketchy ....more

12 Tips for Getting the Best Out of the Farmers' Market

My fear of the farmers' market isn't the market itself, but rather the fact that I have no idea how to navigate it. There is a skill to purchasing those fruits and veggies just like there is a skill to shopping a flea market or a consignment shop. So I did a little research, and I've come up with some tips that will assist in making your farmers' market experience enjoyable and fruitful (oh, how I love a good food pun). ...more

3 Dead So Far As Christ Chosen Church of God Building Collapses In Edo State

A one-storey building in an Edo State church has collapsed today 19th of September, 2014 according to the Nation newspaper. The building owned by Christ Chosen Church of God, located in Egor, was an old building in the church premises, which workers were asked to demolish when unfortunately, it collapsed on them.According to eyewitnesses, the building housed offices and residences of church officials, but only six people, all construction and casual workers, were trapped in the building. Three were rescued and sustained severe injuries while another three were killed.Youths in the community after saving people trapped under the rubble, angrily set one of the church buses ablaze ....more

Peyton Manning Knows The Power Of The Munchies

Pizza and Pot go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Just because Peyton Manning doesn't smoke weed doesn't mean that he isn't aware of the power of the munchies.  Or how the munchies can be oh, so profitable.  How forward-thinking was he in acquiring 21 Papa John's franchises in Colorado a couple of weeks before Coloradoans passed Amendment 64 in 2012?...more

Women on the Verge: Helping Women In India Come Into Their Own

Disclosure: I spent last week in India as a guest of Coca-Cola India, who brought me and seven other internet influencers there to learn about their work supporting women and girls, as well as sustainable practices around water. The trip was paid for in full by Coca-Cola, but I attended as a journalist and a longtime advocate for women and children in developing countries, and the reporting and opinions below are my own....more
What an incredible story. Great post!more

The Best Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last weekend was our little guy’s first birthday. I ended up making him a mini cake along with cupcakes for our guests. I wanted another treat for them to snack but didn’t want anything that required a lot of work the day of ....more

Zoya Naturel Deux Collection

Sample provided for review Today I have the Naturel Deux collection from Zoya, which is their post-summer, pre-fall offering. It consists of six cremes: Spencer, Chanelle, Emilia, Madeline, Aubrey, and Marney.This is a follow up to the Naturel, which was a post-winter, pre-spring collection from early this year. Both collections are made up of browns and mauves, with Naturel Deux being overall a darker interpretation of that theme ....more