Ready for a road trip (tips for having fun)

I love adventure and I love road trips. The thrill of the open road (well, depends on the time of day and construction season), wondering what adventures await, and new memories to be made.Lots of things can make for a fun road trip. Often times, it’s the people in the car but then again, solo car trips can be fun too. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when heading out to the road:(Read more)...more

Marvel Superhero Bento Lunch {Gogurt Lunchbox Bloggers}

Because we always love new blog projects, I'm excited to share that this year, we are Gogurt Bloggers! Well, officially, I am, but my sous-chefs are quite happy about the project, especially when Ben discovered Gogurt has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel Superheroes and Disney's Phineas & Ferb yogurts. ...more

Leo is a Hero-Stop Bashing His Passion for the Earth

  Hater’s will hate. Liker’s will like. And I like Leonardo Dicaprio! It has been reported that Leo is in Fort McMurray researching the oil sands for the Green World Rising documentary he is producing in conjunction with the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation and Tree Media....more

Paleo Cooking: Easy and Delicious (Recipes Included)

When I talk about eating Paleo, I try to emphasize how easy it has been for me to adapt....more

Not So Super, but Still a Hero

Have you ever looked around only to discover you are drowning in the chaos of your own making? ...more

Hospital Where Patrick Sawyer Was Treated And Died Releases Statement

Photo of First Consultant Hospital Obalende A statement written by Dr. B.N. Ohiaeri and ...more

A New Machine

I’ve been on the look out for a good used sewing machine. ...more

HUGE Plastic Spiderweb

A ton of bloggers have been making spiderwebs out of plastic bags. But they aren't big enough! Here's the key to making a plastic spiderweb that's over 4 feet wide .. ....more

Some thoughts on staying home...

A few minutes ago I read a post from a great blogger named Bonnie. I was introduced to her page by my friend Meagan, I think...sometimes I get lost so far down an interwebs rabbit hole that I really have no idea where I started or how I got there!Anyway, Bonnie is a first-time mommy and a high school teacher and her post was about the mix of feelings that comes with working outside the home and being a stay-at-home mommy. I've got a little experience in that arena ....more

Today I Am...

Well, this week certainly got away from me! ...more