Finding the Perfect Custom Prints

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! I can't wait to play on my phone and drown myself in cheese dip for the entire game...Keeping up with my weekend tradition, today I'm introducing you to another awesome seller on nebrowse....more

Spiralized Parsnips with Pesto, Roasted Red peppers and Chickpeas

It really feels like I haven’t posted a new recipe in months. If you don’t follow me on Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter, then you might not have noticed that I just spend the past 5 days in NYC at a studio, on set of the photoshoot for my second cookbook. Aside from that, I’ve been spending every minute before, after, and in between on editing my manuscript ....more

Cherry-Almond Heart Tart

Make your Valentine's Day sweeter with this crumbly and buttery tart, ...more

Cold Sores Affecting Your Confidence?

I’m excited to share with you a post today that’s all about staying confident even when you’re battling a cold sore. Some of my closest friends are cold sore sufferers and I know the toll they take on their confidence. That’s why they turn to Abreva® at the very first sign of their cold sore to heal it fast! ...more

My Instagram Life, 2-7-2016

Happy Sunday! Here’s a look back a the week that was on Painted Ladies as seen via Instagram. For more of my beauty adventures, follow me on Snapchat where my username is Paintedladies9 ....more

NOTD 2-7-16 Super Bowl 50 Panthers

Super Bowl Sunday! :) I love to follow the NFL, and Super Bowl is always exciting for the fans. We're not throwing a party or attending a party, so it's a chill day to watch the game ....more

Weekly family menu plan 24

Looking for some inspiration for the week? ...more

The week that was all about rainbows

Some weeks start out ordinary, and end with such a beautiful and awe-inspiring twist that you can't help but believe in the magic of life....more


It's remarkable how much a horse is like a pair of cross country skis. At least in my experience.Let's start with the horse.A number of my relatives have lived on farms, and one of the great delights of my childhood was visiting Uncle Sam's farm on vacations.(1) We went fishing, picked blackberries on the way to the pond, gathered fresh eggs, used an outhouse (2), milked cows, played in haylofts, churned butter.And occasionally rode horses. (3)...more