Brisket and Chipotle Tacos

Slow cooking the brisket, and adding an amazing chipotle dressing, make these Brisket and Chipotle Tacos through the roof amazing! ...more

Lift Up Your Heads, Yea Mighty Gates

We hope that the words of this hymn and the original photography with help to lift your spirits this Sunday afternoon.Lift up your Heads, Yea Mighty GatesClick here to visit this post ...more

Micro Schooling: Have We Found the Alternative Schooling That Many People Are Looking For?

For a couple of years now, I’ve been contemplating my children’s education. I, myself, am a school teacher, which actually complicates things, because I’ve seen both the good and bad sides of traditional schooling. I like the idea of traditional school because of the community, plus the shared responsibility of taking care of...more

OXO Spring Gardening.

The weather has turned insanely springy and just lovely. ...more

Organic vs. Non-Organic -- Does it Really Matter?

Have you noticed the organic section in your grocery store expanding beyond its usual borders?  In my local store, the organic foods were always crammed in small sections between the high fructose corn syrup versions.  If you blinked going down the aisle, you might have missed the section entirely.  Then the store put up shelf banners to draw attention --- “Here’s the Organic Section!”  But the Pop Chips and Skinny Pop were still squished between the Cheetos and Doritos.  Then it all changed....more

Restaurant Style Guacamole

Good, fresh and flavorful guacamole is the best! Our family loves guac...more

Garlic Paleo Banana Bread

This post was written by Holley on The Primal Desire - Healthy Recipes for Everyone: Paleo, Gluten-Free, Delicious Banana bread is fantastic, I mean, what else do you do with overripe bananas?...more

Marc Jacobs to Launch New Perfume Decadence with Adriana Lima {New Fragrance}

 American fashion designer Marc Jacobs will launch a new fragrance for women from Fall 2015 called Decadence, which is presented as the polar opposite to Daisy (2007)...Read more at

Homemade Marshmallows

Let me introduce you to the lightest, the fluffiest, the most cloud-like thing you’re ever going to eat in your life apart from a real-life cloud – homemade marshmallows. If you think you don’t like marshmallows, that’s probably because you’re crazy (who doesn’t like eating clouds?!) or because you’ve only ever had store-bought ones. And […] ...more

A great wine fir this summer : #Gragnano

This weekend the sun was here and so were some spring weather and warmer temperatures. We have always preferred red wines over white one ( it's a matter of personal taste of course) and drinking robust and bold reds with quite alcohol content when the weather is heading towards summer it's not ideal. So we have tried and highly recommend for your al-fresco dining this amazing red wine from the Sorrentina Peninsula in Southern Italy. Gragnano DOC - Terre del Gragnano from a well known winemaker Iovine....more