Pine to Palm 100

Before I started Pine to Palm, I kept waiting for the panic to set in. On the two and a half hour drive to Southern Oregon with Jason, as we talked last minute crew strategy and, more importantly, where we were going to carb up that night. Once we got to the pre-race briefing and were surrounded by 200 nervous and compression-clad runners ....more

Friday Fill-In

Oh fall… why can’t I just sit around and sip warm cider and enjoy the falling leaves? ...more

latest and greatest: beauty faves

It's been a minute since I've subjected you to my not expertise in the hair/skin/nail realm of the beauty world ... let's remedy that, stat.This fine and new-to-me company sent a few new products over for me to try and are generously sponsoring this post. Fortunately, you can count on my honest opinion and hey! ...more

Thank you for the realness here. What a huge bumme...

Thank you for the realness here. What a huge bummer on feeling terrible again in pregnancy. I carried number 1 and 3, both boys, king of long and tight and number 2, a girl,more all over ....more

A Day at Preschool Co-Op

Here's what happens when you get a bunch of young'ns together for a morning of playing, learning, and snacks. You have an awesome time! For our first day we were at ...more

Are Algebra Woes Hereditary?

When my younger daughter had trouble with algebra in junior high, I told her, I’d had trouble with algebra in junior high, too. ...more

Curious George Cake

Who doesn't love Curious George? ...more

Photo Friday: Home + 100 Happy Days – Day 7

My choice for today’s Photo Friday “Home” prompt isn’t actually a picture of my home, but rather a remarkable building fondly known as “Canada House” which is located not all that far from our place in Windsor. As you can well imagine, it’s a bit of an icon in the city and draws a lot […] The post Photo Friday: Home + 100 Happy Days – Day 7 appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Ask the Diva Episode 1

Hello happy tanglers everywhere! ...more


Graeme and I ambushed some beautiful little bees about a month ago and I just found the pics (while I was looking for pics of toasted almonds, no less). This was such a nice and photo-filled August (sigh)…but there will be plenty of gorgeous autumn shots → read on: Bees! ...more