Do You Speak IKEA?

Note from Ree: I live nowhere near IKEA (that probably goes without saying) and as a result, I have never, ever shopped there! Because of that, “IKEA” is pretty much a foreign language to me. But I do have friends and family (those who live in civilization) who absolutely eat, sleep, and breathe the place ....more


You may think...more

Monday Funday!

Welcome back to Monday Funday Link Party! Thanks for being a part of one of the most rockin’ link parties in the blogosphere. The #MondayFundayParty...more

Where to Eat, Stay & Play in Lake Tahoe

This summer was our fourth time visitng Lake Tahoe but every time we go, we leave feeling blown away by it’s beauty. The Sierra Mountains are nothing short of stunning and the rich blue color of the lake is absolutely breathtaking. In a perfect world, we would retire here, enjoying white snowy winters by the fire and warm summers on the beach ....more

Being a Soccer Mom

Whether you are a soccer mom or any other sports mom (or dad), you know that once you’re running your kids from school to an activity, life gets hectic. If you’re a new soccer mom, you might have some first time jitters or need to know some basics about equipment...more

Reader Question: I’m Scared of Sex Because I Don’t Want to Get Pregnant

What do you do when you’re scared of getting pregnant, hate hormonal birth control, but then you avoid sex? Every Monday I like to try to answer a reader question. Today I have the same question from two readers who are both scared of pregnancy ....more

Pure Happiness

Well, Paige and I lasted all of six days before we had to go visit Alex at college again. I’m super strong emotionally; that’s something you should definitely know about me! Ahem ....more

Buying Clothes

I started my new job in the middle of July. Until then, I haven’t had a job where I’ve needed to have a professional wardrobe since my kids were infants. My last in-person job was when I taught at the community college two days a week the semester after my daughters were born ....more

Lord Of The Facepalms

Brandon wanted a Bunko-themed cake with three dice on it. ...more

DIY Porch Columns + Working On The Curb Appeal of Our DIY House

This was the summer of “let’s work on curb appeal“. In my head I’d skip outside, dig up the perfect little flower beds in a day (maybe two days?), my hubby would slap up the simple porch columns in an afternoon, and I’d have everything painted and ready for the following weekend. HA HA HA ....more