An Open Letter to Haters

 Dear Hater, There is hope for you, but you must want it.The Internet has opened many doors for people around the world. We have been able to make friends with people we might have never met, jobs have been found, and even love has found its way to connect hearts together across great distances. But sadly, in spite of the wonderful things that have come from having this ability to speed around the world virtually and collect vast amounts of knowledge with a few clicks, hate and intolerance has also gone viral. ...more

What Does Friendship Mean To You?

What makes someone a real pal? I mean, sure, there's a death in your friend's family, you show up for the funeral. She gets married, you go to the wedding. She gets sick, you show up for the sick part. (As long as said friend is not barfing. In the event of barf, I will leave something lovely at the door, but you will not see me till you're not germy. Sorry. It's a phobia.) I know all that, and I also know not everybody gets even those basics right. One guy turned down the invitation to my wedding because, as he put it, "Really, what fun am I going to have at your wedding?" ...more
Love this. yes, if the person is worth it, honesty is golden. Being there is really important ...more

A Case of The Ex

I bumped into one of my ex’s (well technically I just saw him) because we didn’t speak. But you know the moment you feel someone staring a hole right through you, you turn, and lock eyes? Well when I turned I locked eyes with my "EX"....more

What is it like to be divorced in your 20's?

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE DIVORCED BEFORE YOUR FRIENDS EVEN HAVE REAL BOYFRIENDS? Horrible. Absolutely horrible. You feel like a failure. You feel like it is the end of the world. You feel like you ruined everything and like your life is over. ...more

My mom doesn’t want your pregnancy advice!

My mom doesn’t want your pregnancy advice!Written on June 28, 2015 by loving in Uncategorized...more

How to Talk about Depression with Your Family

Talking to your family about depression is not always easy, especially if there is nobody else in the family who is dealing with depression already. I’ll tell you about my experience and give you a few tips. Just know that it won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it also won’t be the hardest thing either. Sometimes you will have to talk to them several times and sometimes they just may never understand, but be patient with them and know that you need to do this for your own well-being....more

Holidays in Barbados: 5 things to see and do

If I say Barbados, what images come immediately to mind? Sun, white or golden sand beaches, turquoise waters, waves slowly reaching the shores and touching your feet or perhaps you can imagine resting and relaxing on a long chair with a frozen cocktail in hand?This small island in the Caribbean is so rich in history, culture and is a great holiday destination for you and the whole family!...more

Design, comfort, location. Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

Looking for a small, yet cozy design/boutique hotel in Nuremberg?Willkommen to Hotel Drei Raben (or Three Ravens) which is one of the best hotels in the second largest city in Bavaria.There are only 22 themed rooms and suites over 5 floors and will appeal to travelers, young and the young at heart ;)...more

Pinterest Pins Homemade

To see my homemade pins visit: ...more

Rise, Fall, and Rise Again!

I was watching the BET Awards last night with my husband, he’s a stand-up comedian so to hear his commentary and live tweets are quite hilarious to me. When Sean “Puffy” Combs took the stage and the Bad Boy logo filled our flat screen we (just like every other 30-40 something) felt a wave of excitement and realization that, “Wait, it’s been 20 years?! How old are we?”...more