coachella photo diary

It's taken me a full on week to recover from the CRAZY that is the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. I had never been before and I honestly had no idea what to expect....more

Neutrogena Naturals Towelettes

Press Sample Good afternoon everyone! ...more

#Saturday night calls for a #pie!

Hello there! Shepherd's pie our way was the perfect Saturday night meal! We have been cooking this dish using the same recipe for years now, when we used to live in the United Kingdom. ...more

Still more...

One evening during our beach week, we had a second family birthday celebration for MyBuddy who, get this, turned EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD this month. ...more

Beer-Battered Shrimp with Spicy Ketchup

I’m really good at being a picky eater. That’s been true my whole life. There are certain foods that I never eat and ingredients I always avoid ....more

Get Those Creative Juices Flowing: Three Effective Writing Rituals To Try

Do you have a writing ritual? A “get me started” routine that you do before you actually get down to the nitty-gritty? Most bloggers and writers have adopted effective writing rituals, even if they aren’t aware that they have been formed. Others, or aliens as I call them, just sit down and write when they have time. They just plop on down, crack their knuckles and write their lovely souls away like that’s natural. Where are you from, Mars?...more

How to Travel on the Cheap

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News for Saturday

The death is currently at 1400 and rising as a result of an earthquake in Nepal. It also affected Mount Everest right at the time of the year when mountaineers are most likely to scale it.This: The 7.8 magnitude quake struck an area of central Nepal between the capital, Kathmandu, and the city of Pokhara.There were also victims in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and on Mount Everest, where avalanches were triggered.The government has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas, and help has been offered by countries around the world. _____ ...more

Roasted Cauliflower and Aged White Cheddar Soup

I’ve made this soup twice in the last couple weeks since I came across it, and I can’t wait to make it again! Alton Brown tell me cauliflower is quite healthy for you, so even though I enjoy it roasted, it’s exciting to find a new way to savor it. The flavors in this soup […] ...more

a perfect date.

This morning, Chris and I took our seven year olds out for a birthday date (they are only 11 1/2 months apart)....more