No-Fruit Pumpkin Green Smoothie

By golly, I think I’ve done it! For quite some time I’ve been experimenting with fruit-free green smoothies. You may remember my original fruit-free green smoothie...more

Greek Quinoa Beef Meatballs

If you’re looking for a great pigskin...more

Choosing The Right Sconces

I love the new horse painting I found for the familyroom wall, and I love the size, but I thought it needed something to finish off the space. ...more

Roasted String Beans with Walnuts

---- If this post is not displaying properly, view it in your browser here: Roasted String Beans with Walnuts --- Before I get into the specifics of these super easy roasted string beans with walnuts, can I just ask if anyone else out there is continually stumped by side dishes? I have more ideas for main courses and appetizers and of course desserts than I can possibly make, but then I inevitably get to that moment where I think oh yeah - vegetables. A vegetable would be good ....more

Hamburger Casserole — Gluten Free / Paleo-ish

One of the biggest things I miss about being gluten free is a good hamburger. ...more

Morning Glories I Have Known (If Only For A Day)

It’s cold and blustery today and I find myself saying to Mother Nature: “No early frost, please!” I’m not ready to say goodbye to these beauties or to the zinnias that keep blooming. I’m not ready to haul all the porch plants inside for the night in case there might be a frost. Nope ....more

Getting into a Tween Hygiene Routine

This post is part of a series as a Type-A Parent Clarisonic Blogger. I received sample products from Clarisonic and compensation to share information about the product....more