We told our children there was no Santa. They argued with us.

Today I'm over at Mamapedia, sharing how my husband and I thought we'd raise children without Santa, but our kids had other ideas. You can read more here.If you are here from Mamapedia, welcome! You may be interested in my thoughts on refusing to hide, or why I don't want to give my children a faith that scares them (and what I'm doing to prevent it) ....more

Blogmas Day 14 | Christmas Nails

There's officially nine days until Christmas and I couldn't be any more excited! To prepare myself for the holiday festivities, I decided to paint my nails in a classic red that's perfect for Christmas time. The polish I used is the Julep Nail Color in the shade Myrtle ....more

How to REALLY taste umami

As research for my new novel, I started taking a wine class this month. I love it! It’s so much fun to learn why...more

Beauty From Ashes: Changing Your Perception

Beauty from Ashes. It’s simple yet profound. It’s a concept from the Bible, but you don’t have to be Christian to understand. Everyone has difficult times in life. Their situations vary. The struggle for all is the same.My fiance and I had it all. Maybe not to some. Some want a lot of materialistic things. Some view expensive objects as a sign of success. It is true, you have to be successful to have expensive things, but you don’t have to have expensive things to be successful. Those struggles in life tend to put this realization into perspective....more

Hand In Hair syndrome and how to try to combat it

Are you transitioning, newly natural or have been natural for years and cannot for the life of...more

Peppermint Fudge Cake

Naked chocolate layer cake filled with thick peppermint cream, topped with fudgy chocolate frosting. Crushed candy cane is sprinkled throughout making this cake fun and festive for the holidays! Isn’t this cake stunning? ...more

Winter Village DIY

Although I usually spend my time sewing or baking, I actually really love sitting down to do some good old-fashioned paper crafting....more

Tuesday Truths

Sometimes Monday happens. My Monday was laid up with a headache (caused by nasty chemicals in the dried fruit I stuffed in my face this weekend) and then a Tuesday blog post doesn’t get written. However, if you want to know what I was up to, you should pop by Jo‘s, Jen‘s and Sam‘s as they’re all better bloggers than I am today ....more

Gifting in the Time of Plenty

The trials and joys of gift giving and all that we hope our children learn from it.  (I was tempted to categorize this under "mental health" because it's that season, y'all).   http://planbust.blogspot.com/2014/12/gifting-gift-of-gifting.html...more

Five (Or Maybe Six) More Frugal Things

I’m doing another Five Frugal Things blog post today because frugality is an ever present part of my daily life, and not everything is about Christmas! I stopped at The Grocery Outlet on my way home from dropping my son at school, which is the only time I go as it’s across town and I always batch this errand. I bought seven half-pound packs of Columbus brand herb turkey breast for $2.49 apiece ....more