The Mila Containment System

The "I can't move because I'm touching grass" phase was a beautiful one. Alas, it was short. If you set Mila down in the grass now, she either yells at you for letting her precious little butt touch the ground or takes off in search of things to destroy ....more

Music Monday: Courthouse Edition

I spent the morning on jury duty. The first group to get called back was about 40 people. The next group was about 80, and I was in it ....more

Summer Decorations – Patriotic Wheels

Free is good… Feeling free, living free … free to be you & me. Free crafts may not have been on the founding Fathers’ minds, but they sure are on mine. My free 7 days subscription to has given me FREE downloads with which to freely create free crafts! ...more


And it feels so good… Groomer day is awful. We love getting our Zoe back. Reunited is a post from: Life with Roozle ...more

Horses for courses…

Our local showgrounds came alive over the weekend, with a three-day Challenge event. While I am no expert, this event consists of a combination of campdraft...more

our little gymnasts

Maggie started taking gymnastics when she was four. We signed her up mostly because she was SUCH a cautious kid, somewhat stubborn, and we wanted to push her a little bit, maybe help make her less afraid and more willing to try new things. We had made other suggestions- soccer, dance, tee-ball- but they were all met with protests of “But I don’t know how to do that!” Even when we tried to explain that taking the classes would TEACH her how to do those things, she wouldn’t agree ....more

Cold Shoulder {Peasant Dress Roundup}

In case you haven’t noticed, peasant dresses are having a serious moment this season. I don’t typically follow trends, but this one has me completely on board. Below are a few other options I’ve got my eye on ....more

My Sephora Hits & Misses

June 22, 2015 – Sephora Hits & MissesMy Sephora shipment arrived! I’m excited about this order not only for my purchases but the stellar “gifts with purchase” that came along for the ride!...more

Second Job Offer?!?!

Say what? Yes. Just now I opened my email and found an email from the “other” department saying they are posting an ad soliciting an instructor/undergraduate coordinator and they would like for me to apply for the position ....more

Recipe: Overnight Oats with Peanut Butter & Bananas

A healthy breakfast that takes just five minutes to prepare, and is ready in time for you to grab it as you head out the door in the morning. Whether it’s during the school year or the summer time, mornings are a little chaotic. Everyone trying to get those last few minutes of precious sleep … hello snooze button … and scrambling to get out the front door in time ....more