Awesome Science: Dinosaur Monument

The Moms of Master Books team has been learning about dinosaurs...more


Pinterest is such a great tool for bloggers and if used properly it can become a great tool to help drive traffic to your blog. If you already have an account you have probably noticed that some pins that catch your attention right away, chances are those images are tall, vertical ones. The reason for this is that sometimes the smaller horizontal images can get lost on your screen, where as the "tall" or vertical images take up more real-estate on your screen and therefore grab your attention....more


It’s no surprise, with nearby sister city being Munich, Cincinnati, Ohio has a love for beer. In fact, due to its large German community in the late 1800’s, Cincinnatians were consuming 2.5 times more beer than the national average. Local beer was king and the brewery district in Over-the-Rhine prospered. Unfortunately, with the enactment of Prohibition and the introduction of mass market beers in the 1960’s, many thriving breweries and saloons were disbanded and local brews became few and far between....more

9 Ways Pregnancy Prepares A Woman For Motherhood

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had an epiphany.  I realized that being pregnant was preparing me for the physical, mentally, and the emotional roller coaster that I will have to endure in motherhood for the rest of my life.  Let me explain.  Pregnancy can be a beautiful and wonderful experience.  It can also be tiring,...more

Skinny Bacon Kale Tomato Dip!

Mmmm, skinny dips. I love me some dip! This one I whipped up is pretty healthy and delish ....more

Tubes In, Adenoids Out...

Hey, it's Tubes-day! It also happens to be Tuesday but that is simply a coincidence.Mr. HarrBear is getting tubes put in and his adenoids taken out and boy are we excited ....more

You Have Permission to Do Nothing

Today is our first day of Spring Break. I’ve been reading articles and seeing things on Pinterest — ideas for crafts and outings. Advice for taking road trips....more

4 reasons to have a joint checking account

Getting engaged is exciting!...more

What Your Pre- and Post-Kids Self Thinks About The People At Starbucks

Here I am just hanging out in Starbucks without kids! Don’t be too jealous; I just got out of the dentist’s office and preschool pickup is in 40 minutes. Since I usually hang out with preschoolers and toddlers, this vast array of humanity sitting at Starbucks is new and exciting for me ....more

5 Inspirational Life Quotes

The best way to keep your spirits high is to ignore negativity and dwell on inspirational words. These are 5 quotes that inspire me every time I read...more