strawberry poppyseed vinaigrette

I found this super adorable cruet at World Market a few weeks ago, and just had to have it. Unfortunately, I pretty much never make my own salad dressings, so it has been sitting lonely (and super cute!) on the shelf since then. Last week I saw this strawberry poppyseed vinaigrette on Pinterest and knew it had to happen in my kitchen post haste ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: And This Is Why We Don't Have Birthday Parties Anymore

This is the face of kid with no attendees at his birthday party This is the face, sometimes of autism. Luckily for this kid, the story had a happy ending Despite the other kids and their parents who clearly don't think empathy is a lesson you should teach your children. I never had that happen, thank God, but every year the attendees were less and less And this year, he started middle school So I didn't take a chance ....more

Finn & Porter

MJ’s been cranking out the recipes (some pretty tasty ones, I might add), so we’ve been eating out even less frequently than usual. But when we got the invitation to check out the Fall menu at Finn & Porter, she was willing to hang up her apron for a night and accompany me to theRead more The post Finn & Porter appeared first on The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman ....more

Easy Crockpot 3 Meat Stew

I live with a family full of carnivores. I’m fairly certain their motto is “the more meat, the better”. No matter how much meat I put into a dish they always ask for more meat when I make it again ....more

Light Chicken Salad

My family is pretty superstitious… one of the superstitions regarding pregnant women is that if she’s craving something, she must eat it or else she will give the baby a birthmark in the shape of the craving....more

Taking risks to chase big dreams. It’s time to shine.

Spending the weekend with my mom, I learned a lot about myself. It’s always nice to know that whenever things change, some things are still the same. She told me stories about me being protective with my feelings, being a rule follower, always trying to be helpful, people pleasing, creating magical lands of adventure and always looking for something more ....more

Girls Night In

Yesterday’s snow took me by surprise. ...more

37 Weeks

Full term. And it's my 29th birthday....more

Time for a challenge punks! March grocery challenge.

I can’t tell you what it is about March, but I always feel like we run out of money before the month is even close to being over....more

35% Off at Old Navy through 3 pm PT ONLY Today [25% Off After That]

Coupon code AMPM is back! Save 35% on your order at through 3 pm PT (6 pm ET) today only. After that, the code’s worth 25% off ....more