Amazon Fire TV: What's Right For You?

Should you invest in Amazon Fire TV? If that's the question you've been asking, this article seeks to provide the answer....more

Style Challenge - June 2015


Editorial: On Shonda Rhimes’ Beautiful, Diverse, Complicated Female Characters

Thursday night television is like religion in my apartment, and has been for more than ten years. Ten years is longer than my closest friendships have lasted, longer than I’ve been in the workforce, and certainly longer than any romantic fling I’ve had, though I will say that as of right now I’m in a very loving relationship with Netflix. Anyone who watches “Grey’s Anatomy” knows that creator Shonda Rhimes does not spare viewer’s feelings ....more

Decorating with Color and Warmth or White and Light...

I recently visited my Aunt and was struck by the different feel of her home, compared with ours, primarily due to her beautiful use of color. I especially loved the vintage velvet chairs at her dining room table... The interior of her home reminds me of a cottage in rural France ....more

Greek Salad Skewers

We are officially kicking off the summer this weekend friends! ...more

Baboucar’s Journey

Note for Blog-Readers – I have spent a lot of time in Sicily this spring covering the migrant story and I have not had enough time for posts. I’ve now decided to do several posts as a diary for myself, … Continue reading → The post Baboucar’s Journey appeared first on Mozzarella Mamma ....more

drinks and links {Happy Memorial Day!}

Well, I had the highest of hopes that this Saturday would be full of productivity but I'm not smartest person. When I put an hour long movie on for the girls this morning I really thought I could get more done than lay Joe down, get the girls lunch (to have with their movie, the little princesses) and eat a quick lunch myself before Joseph woke up, but that was just naive of me, ok stupid is the right word.So now they're all awake and about and I am putting my hopes in the afternoon nap time and turning to the Internet for company over the age of 6.First off, I must share my new favorite non-or-alcoholic drink recipe with you all, it would be perfection for a memorial day cookout libation addition. Agave (or Simple Syrup) Lemon Drop: ...more

Challenge Kickoff

The Cult Of Patriarchy

View image | With the news of Josh Duggar admitting to having molested at least five girls, some of which were his siblings, there has been one glaring issue that I’ve seen. His family, fans, and a politician have … Continue reading → The post The Cult Of Patriarchy appeared first on Not A Stepford Life ....more

To the Small Things of Marriage

In a couple of weeks, my husband and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary.  We've discussed possible plans.  I suggested a weekend spent organizing our house.  While I believe that one will be vetoed as simply too un-anniversary-like, I'm cool with us not doing it big or giving each other expensive gifts.  I have told him as much and I believe he would like it notarized.  ...more