Unfocused Lately

I've not felt right for the last month. This type of state of the mind is not quite as bad as when I had Lyme Disease before I got diagosed and treated. I am not sure if this is nutrition related or something else ....more

Beyond Disneyland in Orlando, Florida

You’ve finally been convinced there is life beyond Epcot Center...more

Cop who killed Rekia Boyd acquitted of all charges

Chicago police detective Dante Servin has been found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Rekia Boyd. A Cook County Circuit Court Judge Dennis Porter ruled that the state had failed to prove recklessness on Servin’s part after he fired his unregistered handgun over his shoulder from inside his car into a dark alley, hitting Boyd in the back of the head. Reading his seven-page ruling from the bench, the judge said there was no dispute that Servin had intended to kill Cross, but under the involuntary manslaughter law, prosecutors had to prove he acted recklessly in the legal sense of the word ....more

Tribeca Fest Interview: Philippe Sands Talks Documentary ‘A Nazi Legacy: What Our Fathers Did’

Professor Philippe Sands I still have more films to see in the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, but the one I believe will stay with me the longest is a documentary called “A Nazi Legacy: What Our Fathers Did.” In it, Professor Philippe Sands, an eminent barrister who has been involved in many of the great cases of recent years at the International Criminal Court, goes on a journey to several locations with the sons of two senior Nazi officers who were both indicted as war criminals. The result is a fascinating exploration of the long-term aftermath of the Holocaust and the complicated relationship between a parent and child when that parent has committed horrific acts. Prof ....more

Four Seasons in the Country

We've now experienced all four seasons at our home in the country. I've enjoyed documenting the changes around our land... The picture from last summer was taken before the outbuilding went up, in case you have a good eye and noticed that ....more

We Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

One time when my sister was visiting me, we had bought a papaya to try. As we were unpacking the groceries, I held the papaya in my hand and started making up a song. “Pa-pa-pa-pi-yah!” I sang ....more

Just me and my rosacea


Catelynn and Tyler face reality

Lorraine Natural mother Catelynn of the TV show Teen Mom was a sad person to watch last night as she sat talking to Teresa and Brandon Davis, the adoptive parents of her and Tyler's daughter, Carly. As you know, we have been quite critical of both Catelynn and Tyler for turning themselves into advocates for adoption.But last night in the episode of Teen Mom OG where they meet Teresa and Brandon after a year they came across as merely young natural parents coming to terms with the reality of giving up a child: They are and will be the underdogs in the parenting equation. Their contact with daughter Carly is dependent on the permission of Brandon and Teresa.In a sit-down with their Bethany adoption counselor, Dawn, before the two couples meet, she explains to Tyler and Catelynn that they have to come to terms with the parenting decisions of Teresa and Brandon, and that really, while they might be the natural parents, they now have no rights ....more

The Blossoms Blossomed

They opened! Despite last night's hailstorm, chilly temperatures, and a cloudy sky, the blossoms opened. They are all the more beautiful because of what they've endured ....more

Review: Radha Intensive Youth Eye Gel (available on Amazon)

As you know I’m big on skin care, especially eye cream. I’m not ashamed to say that (almost) every opportunity I get to try a new product, I’ll take! Especially if the ingredients seem right, if the product is meant for my skin type and if I like the ‘philosophy’ of the brand behind it ....more