A Typical Day at Our House – 2014

One day each year, I keep my camera with me and document the day’s happenings. I write these posts mainly because I enjoy looking back at how the children’s appearances and interests have changed over the years, but also they serve as a scrapbook about our family life. I love knowing that someday, when they’re grown and on their own, my kids will be able to read these posts and remember life at home with their Mom and Dad ....more

Nobody Lives Here

From Gizmodo ....more

Cadbury Creme Egg in Hole Toast

Yes, I went there, and it tasted glorious. Find the recipe here. Inspired by the use of Cadbury Creme Eggs in recipes? ...more

My Perfect Mystery Weekend, Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

We were at a birthday party, sitting at the head of the table, side by side. It was his turn to speak. About me. He said, we’re going to Sydney tomorrow. I looked at my glass. And drank it. It’s a shopping trip, he said. But it wasn’t really. It was time alone. Together....more

a summer goal

This little bird stopped napping WAY too early. ...more

Food Styling Meets Fiction

In which work of fiction would you see this meal? More here ....more

He Just Gets It

I start to walk slowly towards Nolan with a mischievous face. "What are you doing?" he asks, unsure of what's going on."I'm just…trying… (as Nolan skulks away) ...to tickle you!!".Nolan screams, I laugh, and he quickly moves away from me. And so begins the game of cat and mouse ....more

Girl With a Candy Cigarette

Sally Mann’s Candy Cigarette ....more

what I ate wednesday

Today I’m joining up with a big group of bloggers for What I Ate Wednesday. It’s my first time participating along!...more