Crudité Creations – Artistic Vegetable Arrangements

A few weeks ago we received one of Crudité Creations gorgeous vegetable arrangements (think Edible Arrangements for veggies!) and dips to try out. Since I knew we wouldn’t be able to finish the whole arrangement ourselves, I took it to a cookout we went to later that evening. It was a HUGE hit! ...more

Lovely Links: 7/3/14

We’ll do links a day early this week, since I’ll be holidaying tomorrow and hopefully many of you will, too! * * * * * On the evening of July 24 I’ll be at Bella Boutique...more


This was a good year for garlic . . at least in my garden. Saturday I had pulled 3 rows (there are 11 rows) ....more

The low-water garden

Growing up, my family went camping....more

New Back Patio Light

After making over our back patio, we knew we needed to tackle the world’s ugliest and most rusted out outdoor lighting fixture. Let it be known that our house is only 12 years and this is how the light fixture looked. ...more

Crespelle: A crazy combination of my favourite foods!

Imagine how excited I got when I realised that I could take my love pancakes and lasagne, combine them and take it to a whole new level!Crespelle are thin crêpe style pancakes.  In this traditional recipe, they are layered with tasty tomato sauce and then baked off in the oven for a crispy, melting finish....more

7 Daily Habits You Should Practice For a Healthy and Loving Marriage

Our habits make a difference in marriage and there are several habits of a healthy marriage that you should start today to improve your marriage.Do you know that the discipline of practicing healthy marriage habits can greatly improve the happiness of your marriage? It is a simple fact but very true.The little things that we do as a habit in our marriages matter. Take this helpful advice about adding these habits of a healthy marriage to your relationship and watch it improve.1. KISS HELLO AND GOODBYEKissing each other hello and goodbye is a one of the best habits of a healthy marriage you could follow ....more

Two Dutch Braids – 6 Hairstyles

Two Dutch Braids – 6 Hairstyles features unique ways to style two side Dutch braids. Dutch braids are my absolute favorite because they are easy to do and always look so chic! With summer here...more

Faith is Baking

I am proud to say that Faith made the dessert for the rehearsal dinner last week. ...more

Baked Parmesan Potato Wedges

Easy and delicious potato wedges baked, sprinkled with parmesan, and served with fry sauce. Yum. I'm in awe that it's already July ....more