Words with friends: Collaboration makes better writers

I love the stereotypical image of a writer: A solitary figure, holed up somewhere chain smoking and drinking buckets of booze coffee, surrounded by piles of books and articles and balled up manuscripts. Or enigmatically penning the next great American novel in a coffee shop, maybe in a black turtleneck, but definitely all alone.Loneliness. The part about writing that sucks the most.Or not....more

How Not to Cook at Home: A Food Delivery Guide for Austin, TX

Disclosure: This post is peppered with affiliate links and codes that help support Mary Makes Good by earning itty-bitty commissions or freebies. Some of them even get you special deals, so yeehaw! This post is part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance's 2016 City Guide ....more

A Small Snowy Excursion

Little H and I took a walk to the end of our road...more

Shallot and Parmesan Potato Waffles

I’ve been happily taking care of my favorite dog Mysty while Andrew’s parents are away. ...more

Braciole In Tomato Sauce

Braciole are beef rolls cooked in tomato sauce, and this version came from my grandparents in Southern Italy and Sicily. http://italiangirlcooks.com/braciole-in-tomato-sauce/...more

an hour on pinterest

follow along with me as i click-click-clicked my way through pinterest this morning. (click on photo for source) how cute are these?! they had me at sprinkles… speaking of cute AND tiny…...more

Detox Chicken and Vegetable Soup

This Detox Chicken and Vegetable soup is one of the healthiest things I have ever made....more

Back to 1989 Episode 1 First Impression

Back to 1989 Episode 1 By Ninja Drama: Back to 1989 (1989一念間)Country: TaiwanEpisodes: 13Airs: FridaysSynopsis: Sent all the way back from the year 2016 to the year 1989 on a stormy night, our hero Chen Che has the rare chance of meeting his own mom back before he was born...and perhaps finally finding out the truth of who his father is. As always, things gets complicated when Chen Che starts to develop feelings for his mother's best friend.Back to 1989 Episode 1 Overview As an extremely talented stock analyst, money and job offers are always plenty for our hero Chen Che. Despite Chen Che's confident exterior he harbors a lifelong desire to find out the identity of his father but unfortunately, that is one topic his mother refuses to talk about.Filled with frustration when his last attempt to find out the identity of his father ended with his mother telling him to either stop asking or never see her again, Chen Che goes out on a dangerous motorcycle ride during a storm ....more

Is Chess Forbidden in Islam?

I read that a "Saudi Grand Mufti (the Kingdom's top* cleric)" made a (fatwa religious opinion) that Chess is forbidden in Islam because it is a form of gambling - "a waste of time, money and a reason for enmity between players."  Twitter lit up in opposition and sarcasm, including many Muslims. ...more

Pink Gradient

Happy Saturday! ...more