Tabasco Style Fermented Hot Sauce

A few years ago I traveled to Louisiana and learned from the McIlhenny family themselves how to make Tabasco Sauce. Now, two years later, I can finally tell you how to make it. It's easy, but like fine wine, it takes time ....more

My lip synch video + Theme Thursday. It's a twofer!

So. I'm giving my vanity the ol' one-two punch today by posting my video for Kelly's lip synch challenge. Whew, I am not good at being postpartum, y'all ....more

Both tyranny and chaos silence free speech

Both tyranny & chaos silence free speech. Sustained nonviolent dissent pushes change, not misfocused rage. #Ferguson — Nordette Adams (@nordette_verite) August 20, 2014 ...more

I've seen fire and I've seen rain

Tuesday night Linc only woke up at 1:30a to eat. I was thrilled! He had slept extra throughout the day and really well during the night since he had shots earlier in the afternoon ....more

Wall Mount Lamp

Hello everyone! In my master bedroom, I had different lamps on each bedside table. ...more

Reading watermelon leaves. At midlife.

Today, I cut open this watermelon grown in my garden. And I ate it. We all ate it ....more

Our Home Schooling Experience: A FAQ to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re just now tuning in, there’s big news around these here parts: WE’RE HOME SCHOOLING. Yes, really! My seven-year-old is still in public school, but we decided to home school my ten-year-old daughter after she finished elementary school in May– and now that school has started, I’ve been getting so many e-mails and Facebook messages and questions from my friends over the last few weeks about how it’s going and whether it’s difficult and what it all means that I decided to answer the most frequently asked questions and concerns in one handy-dandy FAQ ....more

Coffee Break: Should You Invest in Your 401K?

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment and share your thoughts! ...more

Mutton Round Samosa

Mutton Round Samosa Mutton Round Samosa...more

Antique Farmhouse Inspired Horse Head Mount

Several years ago, I brought home a pitiful little antique rocking horse from an auction. ...more