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Memories To Hold On To

This past weekend my husband was so excited about my birthday gift that he just couldn’t wait another week to give it to me....more

Study shows breastfeeding longer leads to greater earnings as an adult

(DISCLAIMER: I know not everyone can--or wants to--breastfeed. This isn't a judgmental piece; I'm just sharing the results of a new study.)Researchers at Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil looked at the lives of 3,493 infants born in Pelotas, Brazil until they were about 30 years old. They measured their IQs and asked them about things like educational achievement and their income....more

for this week only

Anthony and I are absolutely blown away by the outpouring of love and support over the last few weeks. In just eight weeks we leave the life that we have built in America behind and head back to where we started our journey together. Nervous? ...more

Key Lime Pie Energy Balls

Back by popular demand, it’s another energy ball recipe! Energy balls have become a staple in my daily diet, replacing the much less nutritious high calorie snacks I used to eat. I absolutely love how fresh these Key Lime Pie Bites taste ....more

Weekend Snapshots & Commonwealth Café

Hello! How is the new week...more

Embrace the Season with Simply Vera Vera Wang's Spring Collection

Look chic and on-trend this spring with Simply Vera Vera Wang. -PJ Gach...more

How to Add Wainscoting to the Living Room

Last week I went into great detail of how to add easy Wainscoting to the walls. ...more

OMG Worthy Reads, Week 25

I just returned from a quick vacation to West Palm Beach. ...more