Soon – When I Blink, Here I Am

Soon, I will have peace and quiet reign for my mornings and afternoons. Soon, I will not get interrupted mid thought stream for hours on end. Soon, I will have my days be all mine to get my work done or run errands solo ....more

Jam (Jelly) Donut Pancakes

Jam (Jelly) Donut Pancakes Ever have a crazy hard-core Jam (Jelly) Donut craving that you just need a hit of Donut on your tongue? If not…then this would be an awkward moment. If you answered yes, however, then we can be friends ....more

Tons of crazy goodness

My excitement level for AdvoCare is through the roof this week!! Summer is going to kick off in the best way possible because we’ve got new flavors of Spark, new Spark canisters, and some new products to keep those cravings in check, and a group challenge to help you get ready to show off that bikini body. So, you know how much I love Spark, well...more

Military Family Summer Staycation? Find New Roads Near You This Summer! #ChevySalutes

Summer is coming! Are you having a Military Family Summer Staycation? Find New Roads Near You This Summer! ...more

Introducing…heart, mind, soul

When I transitioned my blog from Middle-aged Diva to my own website, I didn’t name it....more

If You Brush Your Teeth, You Ought to Read This

Even being in the ocean won’t shut my mind up sometimes. Tonight, while I floated around in the sea, trying to catch my last...more

Child Friendly Hummus with Crudites

A child friendly hummus recipe served with crudites. Perfect as a snack or for summer picnics! Quick and easy to make, cheap and super nutritious; hummus is one of my most favourite dips and something I always to try to have on hand in the fridge ....more

Spinach and Ricotta Calzones

Sometimes weekends are amazing. They can be full of trips to the library, walks, yoga classes, playing in the park, cooking and baking. Sometimes they are just chock full of back to back activities and commitments and they don’t feel like a weekend at all ....more

Bubbies Mochi

Bubbies is an ice cream and dessert chain in Hawaii, but their mochi ice cream products are now available at Whole Foods Del Mar, replacing the previous gelato station. There is no real signage. When you enter, it’s on the far left part of the store, where you can also order drinks ....more

Meow Monday

Squeaky Jack Fluffy CONNECT WITH PLAIN CHICKEN ...more