Sewing + Embroidery Projects

Today I'm sharing some sewing and embroidery projects I've worked on recently. Embroidered Camera Strap Cover for S.W. Embroidered Beach Towel for L.M. Embroidered Blanket for M.W. Embroidered Blanket for T.W. This is a Deluxe Coloring Caddy I worked on for the fabulous April of House by Hoff. Her decorating style is just amazing ....more

Tips and Tricks for the Morning School Routine

Oh, my! School starts back for my kids in a few weeks and I am already thinking about our morning routine. Trying to figure out how I will manage getting all 3 kids to school for the first time this year ....more

Complaining About Poor Service and Unsatisfactory Goods

Do you complain after receiving poor service or unsatisfactory goods? I don’t make it a habit to point out bad service, but this past week I sent letters to two separate companies asking for a refund of my purchases. One night my family and I ate dinner at a local restaurant and ordered a few wings to go ....more

Why I Don't Pin Your Content (and How You Can Change That)

Pinterest is a potential plethora of traffic, growth in readership, and exposure. It's easy to become mesmerized by the shiny, pretty packages it contains and become complacent about the things you pin and how you use Pinterest in correlation with your blog or business. But you really shouldn't. As a marketing professional, I see four common but huge no-no's that happen all too frequently, especially with bloggers. I'm going to share my industry expertise to help you avoid these common pitfalls of Pinterest. ...more
And there I was wondering why everyone's images looked so darn good. Thank you for introducing ...more

Summer reading 2015

Summer is a marvelous time to settle into...more

Festival Pretty and an Honest Heart

After almost two weeks of dressing to work at the festival today I decided to move into that fun world of dres...more

The Easiest Way To Have A Happier Relationship Today

Sometimes there are days, or weeks or months that everything your spouse does just drives you crazy! Maybe he put the pots back where the pans go, or maybe (in my case) she put another dent in the car by hitting a pole in the parking garage.  Maybe he’s talking to loud, or she has not stopped talking all morning. ...more

Travel Guide: London in 9 Hours

Let's visit London today. After a month, the travel guides are well on their way to completion. It's taken me a bit longer than usual but I'm finally making some progress with my million photos that I took on the trip ....more

Zucchini Noodles with Blistered Tomatoes and Pesto

Gluten Free Zucchini Noodles tossed with Blistered Tomatoes, Homemade Pesto and Toasted Pine nuts. A quick and healthy meal that takes only 20 minutes to make! My Zucchini “Pasta”...more

Summertime Fun

One of the best parts of warm weather is being able to do more outside activities, especially where we live. In the winter, it's hard to come up with fun stuff for the kids to do inside. Summer time means playing outside and one of the best places to play is the beach ....more