Mt. Whitney 2007

Eight years ago today, we started hiking just after midnight (when our permits were valid) with two friends to the top of Mt. Whitney. It's the tallest peak in the lower 48 ....more

asso di coppe {truck stop dining in deruta}

Buying ceramics is hard, hard work. First you’ve got to drive there. Then there is the whole decision making process ....more

The first day of seventh grade

That’s right. Seventh grade. How on earth did that happen? ...more

Ask Jo: This and That

Every so often I get questions from readers that I think other readers might want the answers to as well so I answer them here on the blog. ...more

20 Handy Ways to Reuse Tights and Pantyhose

I can’t actually remember the last time I wore a traditional pair of pantyhose, but I DO wear plenty of tights and stockings (that eventually end up unwearable after I abuse them in some manor.) Once you get a hole or a run in your pantyhose (or nylons, tights, etc) they’re pretty much useless….or are they??? Well, you know I had to find out! And after some intensive research (well, OK, medium intensity research) here is what I found……… 1 ....more

College Literature Seminars that Rock!

Has school started in your neck of the woods? Our kiddos started yesterday which made getting to work a maze of school zones and speed traps. I always take the summer traffic for granted until it’s gone! ...more

Peach, Tomato, Chicken and Blue Cheese Salad

Yum When you just aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer, pile lots of late summer produce and leftover chicken on top of some salad greens for a light and cool dinner like this Peach, Tomato, Chicken and Blue Cheese Salad. Peach, Tomato, Chicken and Blue Cheese Salad ...more

Your Salary in Real-Time Compared to Others

How cool is this? Your salary and purchasing power in real-time, hour, day, week, month or year.. ...more

The Original Cocktail Tour New Orleans

When you've been to the same city 9 times in 3 years, you begin to feel like a local. This is the case for my husband and I in New Orleans. We have a routine, we go to the same restaurants and are almost in a rut (a rut we love) ....more