Groundhog Conspiracy; Crazy Cat; Cool Mixer Art; Let It Go with Coffee: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Hello to February! January is done (much to some people’s delight, I’m sure – though in some areas winter tends to stick around until spring. You know what I mean ....more

whole 30: fiesta breakfast casserole

I made the most delicious breakfast casserole today, it will definitely go down as one of my favorite Whole 30 approved recipes, and I think we’ll be making it over and over again. It’s full of flavor, and completely transforms your typical breakfast of eggs and sweet potatoes. Even better? ...more

TweetFlix A Houseful of Peanuts Production

TweetFlix is going to be so awesome y’all! Whenever Samantha of The Peanuts Gang and I get together, fun is sure to abound. We made a promise at the end of the year to check in once a month and.. ....more

Easy Pickled and Spicy Root Vegetables

Do you know how hard it is to watch The Great British Baking Show while not...more

Deviled Eggs with Bacon and Chives

My kids are absolutely loving eggs and can’t seem to get enough. They love scrambled, over easy, omelettes, and most recently, deviled eggs....more

Sarah Graham’s Fingerprint Jewelry

Your fingerprint is one of the most unique things about you. Sarah Graham has found the perfect melding of...more

New Year, New Stripes

Dear Friends, I’ve got a permanent case of the stripes. ...more

A-Caucusing We’ll Go!

Well, not here but in Iowa. The crowds are turning out for a rousing night of caucusing. I’ve never paid this much attention to an election cycle before but this is nothing like it has been in years past ....more

Weekly Book Giveaway: <i>A Darker Shade of Magic</i>, by V.E. Schwab

This week's Book Giveaway is V.E. Schwab's A Darker Shade of Magic. It's giving off a distinctly UnLunDun vibe, but I'm hoping I will like it better (or at least that it will be less pretentious). A full review will follow later today ....more